How To Spy on Devices Connected To My Wifi? [Top Tools]

With networking, the world keeps getting smaller by the day. But there’s also the point of misuse of this so-called freedom and connectivity. For example, Wifi is something which is almost available in all places, even public places these days. And multiple can access it at a time. That said, this would often raise the question of what they’re doing and hence “how to spy on devices connected to my wifi?”

Often this could be the case for parents who are concerned about what their children are doing on the internet. Or a company that wants to know if its employees are engaged in unethical practices. 

And there are a number of apps & websites that can help you spy through Wifi router!

How To Spy On Devices Connected On My Wifi?

There are a number of online tools and software that can help answer this question. Some of them are listed below.

Top Tools To Spy Through Wifi Routers

  • XNSpy
  • GEOfinder Wifi Spy App
  • uMobix 
  • OpenDNS
  • Wireshark 
  • SpyLive360
  • Spyera
  • Hoverwatch

1. XNSpy

The app provides excellent coverage across the board by combining a screenshot-based strategy with regular monitoring features. Additionally, it records the screen every five seconds automatically so that you never miss anything. XNSpy enables complete remote control of the target device.

It has robust geofencing and GPS monitoring features. This guarantees that you will always be informed about the location of the people and find what people are doing on your Wifi. 

2. GEOfinder Wifi Spy App

If you’re wondering about how to spy on someone through Wifi, then this is it. The app will let you obtain all kinds of information about the person connected to a WiFi network. This is regardless of the device from which they are connected. 

You will know the specific name and kind of the gadget’s network connection. The best part is that this WiFi network spy app only needs the phone number to work.

3. uMobix 

You can quickly access any of the features or devices it monitors from its dashboard. Additionally, uMobix has one of the quickest install times, allowing you to spy on the target phone in a matter of minutes. 

It is also excellent for monitoring web data statistics, which answers how to spy on internet activity through Wifi. Finally, it also sends an alert if the target device shares its location online.

4. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is simple to use. Basically, your network traffic is routed through the router when you try to connect to the Internet. The router then sends it to your DNS provider to translate the domain name into its IP address.

A general idea of the kinds of websites that people in your network visit is provided by this app. You can also block specific content for your children, such as gambling and adult websites.

5. Wireshark

Wireshark is a well-known tool designed to monitor what people are doing online in real-time. The software displays the IP addresses of all Wi-Fi network devices upon launch. Start spying by selecting the device you want to monitor. 

After that, all of the incoming and outgoing data packets will appear in a matter of seconds. It can really help if you’re always wondering about ‘how to spy on devices connected to my wifi’.

6. SpyLive360

For anyone asking about how to access other devices connected to my wifi, this app is the solution.You can remotely view all sent and received SMS, calls, GPS and routes, Whatsapp conversations, Instagram, and other data.

SpyLive360 is an invisible cell phone spy app that listens in on data on the device of your choice and gives you a real idea of who is talking to the device. The GPS function, which quietly and safely records the device’s GPS location is good for parental control.

7. Spyera

Parents often question – can you spy on other devices connected to my wifi? And this app offers a great deal of these solutions, with respect to child protection.

You will always be able to see and control what your child is looking for online with its extensive suite of social media, internet use, and GPS monitoring tools. Also, if necessary, you can even remotely control their device and look through their multimedia files.

8. Hoverwatch 

Hoverwatch is a hidden wifi spy app that uses screenshots. It takes high-quality screenshots of the target device’s screen on a regular basis and sends them directly to you, remaining undetectable on the device. This is used by a number of parents who wish to spy through wifi router on their kids.

Additionally, it monitors all internet activity, calendar entries, and other activities. Also, you can view the location of the user of the target device from your account with the assistance of the GPS mobile tracker.


There are a number of ways and apps to track a device connected to your Wifi. So, if you’re wondering about how to spy on devices connected to my wifi, we’ve listed it all!

However, it’s important to use these tools wisely, and not resort to unethical practices. With the internet putting everything out in the air, parents are often concerned about their child’s online activity. This is one of the major purposes of these apps. 

All the above-mentioned tools have different features. If you’ve been questioning what people are doing on your wifi, now you can find out!

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