How To Make 100K in a Month [Working Tricks] in 2024

Making 100k a month is undoubtedly achievable, but it takes a great deal of effort, commitment, and, frequently, a certain amount of knowledge or proficiency in a particular field. It’s important to remember that not everyone can earn this much; for some people, it may not even be a feasible ambition.

While some people can make this money through investing, entrepreneurship, or other ways, others might need to work up in a high-paying career or gradually increase their knowledge and skill set. 

With examples and explanations, here are 9 possible ways on how to make 100k a month.

How to Make 100k in A Month

Here are some great ways to make 100k a month. This much money will be hard to make, but it is possible if you have the right plan and the determination to do it. 

1. Put Money into Real Estate

Investing in real estate may be a very profitable business. For instance, the monthly rental revenue from owning and leasing multiple upscale residences might quickly reach $100k.

 Although investing in real estate entails risks and calls for careful planning and management, it may also produce a consistent income stream over the long run. It is essential to seek advice from a real estate expert or financial advisor before making any investing decisions.

2. Put Money into Cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrencies has the potential to be a highly profitable, high-risk enterprise. For instance, purchasing and retaining a substantial quantity of Bitcoin or other well-known cryptocurrencies could provide noteworthy profits. 

Always invest only what you can afford to lose and vary your holdings to lower risks. Due diligence, staying up to date on news and trends, and investing only what you can afford to lose is all important when it comes to cryptocurrency, as it is a highly uncertain and volatile asset.

3. Establish An Effective Online Business

Creating an online business is a profitable approach to earning 100k a month. For instance, an online store selling upscale luxury products might quickly bring in that amount of money. 

You can begin by completing the following steps:

  • Find a lucrative niche: Start by investigating possible companies and finding a market niche with demand but not too much competition. Seek for areas you are knowledgeable or interested in, as they can help you remain motivated and involved.
  •  Perform market research: Conduct market research to substantiate your concept and pinpoint prospective rivals after determining a possible niche. This can involve surveying, examining social media activity, and evaluating search engine data.
  • Make a business plan: This will help you determine your goals, target market, price strategy, and marketing plan. It will also help you determine how much it will cost to start up and how much money you expect to make. 
  • Make a website: Any online business needs a website that looks professional. You can hire a web developer or use a website builder to make a search engine-optimized site that is easy to use on mobile devices and simple to browse.
  •  Create a marketing plan: A marketing plan will help you get people to buy from your business. This includes paid ads, search optimization, social media, and email marketing.
  • Maintain your motivation and focus: It takes time and work to start an online business that does well, so staying motivated and focused is essential. Spend time with people who will support you, and look for professionals to help you.

4. Offer Consultation Services

If you specialize in a particular field, you could provide organizations and people with consulting services. For instance, a marketing expert charging $10,000 per client makes 100k a month with just 10 clients.

 Ensure your clients successfully implement your ideas by providing follow-up sessions, frequent check-ins, or continuing assistance.

To be competitive in the market, constantly remember to uphold a high standard of professionalism, provide outstanding customer service, and keep your knowledge and abilities up to date.

5. Develop A Top-Notch Mobile App

Creating and releasing a popular mobile application may be quite profitable. The first step is to identify a market need or issue that your mobile app can fill. To learn about your target audience’s needs, interests, and habits, conduct market research. Use this knowledge to guide the functionality and layout of your app. 

Next, you create an MVP, or minimum viable product, which consists of your app’s essential features. Based on user feedback, refine your MVP through an iterative design approach. 

User experience must be the main focus of mobile app development, as well as a solid marketing plan and continual optimization depending on performance indicators and user input. It is also a great business idea to make 100k a month.

6. Start A Lucrative Podcast

Podcasting may be lucrative with sponsorships, advertising, and item sales. For example, a popular podcast with a large following could generate business that makes 100k a month.

 To start a successful podcast, take these steps:

  • Select a topic: Choose a subject that captivates your interest and captivates an audience that is enthusiastic about learning more. Determine a market gap or a distinctive angle from which to differentiate your podcast from the competition by conducting market research.
  •  Strategy for content: Create an in-depth content strategy for your podcast covering segment ideas, guest speakers, and episode topics. Consider the episode duration, episode release schedule, and podcast structure. 
  • Configure the equipment: Invest in a microphone and recording instruments of superior quality. Attempt to record your podcast in an area free of excessive background noise.
  • Record and edit your episodes: Using your equipment, record your episodes and then make necessary edits to improve their quality. Eliminate any interruptions or background noise.
  •  Select a platform for hosting: Choose a hosting platform based on your needs and financial constraints. Think about things like analytics, usability, and storage capacity. 
  • Post your podcast and advertise it: Post it on the platform where you host it and promote it via email marketing, social media, and other avenues. To increase the exposure of your podcast, ask your audience to provide reviews and ratings.
  • Interact with your audience: Interact with your audience by answering their questions and offering your thoughts. Include their recommendations and ideas in upcoming episodes. 
  • Consistency is essential: To keep and attract new listeners, release new episodes regularly while maintaining content quality.

7. Create A Successful YouTube Channel

Making and uploading videos to YouTube can be a lucrative method to earn money through product sales, sponsorships, and advertising. For instance, a well-known YouTube channel with millions of views might bring in at least 100k a month. 

Create a content strategy that outlines your videos’ topics, lengths, formats, and frequency. When producing your content, consider your target audience’s interests and preferences. 

Purchase high-quality video equipment, such as a camera, lighting, and audio. To record your movies, choose a calm area with less background noise. 

Make unique, high-quality material that distinguishes you from the competition in your niche. To attract viewers, use comedy, images, and a storytelling technique.

8. Become A Prominent Social Media Influencer

If you have a large social media following, you might make 100k or more monthly by working with brands and advertising their goods or services. 

You must produce content for your audience that is both worthwhile and interesting. Posts, videos, articles, and other media that fit your brand and niche well are examples of this. You should leverage influencer marketing, partnerships, hashtagging, and multichannel content promotion to expand your audience. 

Your own voice, values, and personality should serve as the foundation of your brand. This promotes the development of a devoted community and deeper connections between you and your followers. 

You must actively interact with your followers to create a community around your material. This includes interacting with messages and comments, working with other influencers, and organizing gatherings or events.

9. Become A Great Public Speaker

Public speaking can be a successful business, including speaking fees and item sales. For instance, a well-known motivational speaker who charges $50,000 for each speech could make $100,000 a month by appearing at just two events. 

By earning relevant certifications, writing books or articles in your industry, and establishing yourself as an authority in your domain, you will need to increase your reputation. Make use of client endorsements to market your speaking services. 

Make connections with associations for the industry, event planners, and other companies that require a public speaker for conferences or events. To network with possible customers and position yourself as an authority in your field, go to conferences and events for the industry.

The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering how to make 100k a month in passive income, the answer is that it takes a combination of strategic planning, hard effort, and resource and talent optimization. 

Ultimately, a person’s ability to achieve something depends on various elements, such as their skills, background, available resources, and readiness to make the necessary sacrifices. Setting achievable goals and being willing to put in a lot of effort to reach them are essential.

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