How to Find an Obituary For a Specific Person?

It can be hard to find an obituary for a specific person who has died, especially if they died a long time ago or if all you know about them is their name and age. The good news is that you can find a lot of free tools, both online and off, that can help you find the obituary you need. This article will teach you several ways to find an obituary for a specific person.

Best Tips For Finding An Obituary for A Specific Person

Gathering as much fundamental information as possible about someone before looking for their obituary or death notice is essential. It will be easier to locate the obituary of your friend, relative, or ancestor if you have more information about them.

Finding obituaries by last name or place where they lived before passing away is the best way to find them, so provide as many details as possible.

Details that can help you find a death notice written online or in a newspaper include:

  • Their complete name includes a middle name.
  • The birthplace (city or state)
  • Where they were residing when they died
  • The location of their possible burial
  • The year of their passing
  • Names of any spouses they may have
  • Names of their kids, including daughters’ married names
  • Their parents’ names, perhaps only their first name
  • Where did they attend college or high school?

Methods to Find Someone’s Obituary

In the past, locating obituaries meant poring over old newspapers; however, modern internet resources have significantly increased accessibility. 

Numerous offline and online resources are available to track down a long-lost cousin or discover more about a historical figure.

In the following sections, we review every approach you can use to locate obituaries. 

1. Visit The Website of The Newspaper

Newspaper websites are a great place to look for memorials. If you know the general location of the person’s residence or place of death, these are excellent places to start. 

To start your search, take these actions:

  • Go to the newspaper website in the area where the deceased person was born or resided.
  • Look through the obituary or archives pages for relevant records.

Also, you can locate someone’s obituary by using any of the following numerous newspaper websites:

  • The Washington Post Obituaries
  • Los Angeles Times Obituaries
  • Chicago Tribune Obituaries

An abundance of trustworthy newspapers maintain digital archives of obituaries. In addition to seeing older obituaries that go back many decades, you can locate current ones. Look for a link to “Obituaries” or “Death Notices” on the main menu of their website. 

2. Conduct A Google Search to Locate A Person’s Obituary

Google is a free obituary lookup tool with an average daily search volume of 3.5 billion. Every day, about 3.5 billion people use it. One of these billions of searches is for obituaries, especially new ones that are posted online. It’s also free to use.

Search obituaries by name into the search bar to begin. You can also make your search more specific by adding the following:

  • location and time of passing away
  • nicknames
  • significant dates in life

Additionally, you can search Google News, which lets you view obituaries on newspaper websites.

3. Use to View Newspaper Obituaries made, which is a great place to find old death notices. This website makes your search easier by giving you an easy-to-use interface.

You can type in keywords, people, dates, or places to find obituaries. You can also search through newspapers by area or date of publication to find what you’re looking for.

For viewers, makes it easy to read and save newspaper stories. They also have a lot of tools that can help you with your search, like 

  • Web page annotations.
  • Transcription tools to make old or faded texts easier to read.
  •  Posting about what you’ve learned on social media. 

The cost of utilizing this service is $19.90 for enhanced access and $9.95 for basic access each month. These two packages contain obituaries from both foreign countries and small cities. A complimentary seven-day trial is also available to new users.

To utilize, take the following actions:

  • Visit and sign in with your credentials. You can use your mobile device and PC for this.
  • Utilize names, dates, locations, phrases, or searches to find and peruse obituaries.
  • Use the user-friendly viewer to view and save material.
  • Use practical features like social media sharing, annotating pages, and collection creation.

In addition, you can look up a person’s obituary on several people-searching websites, pay for online obituaries, or genealogical search services. 

4. Search Truthfinder for Someone’s Obituary

Truthfinder is an internet resource for public record searches. It has a vast archive of personal data, including obituaries. It is possible to search obituaries for specific people in several US states. 

For individuals looking for state-specific obituary search services, Truthfinder provides an extensive database that includes:

  • Search obituaries in Oregon
  • South Carolina search for obituaries
  • Search obituaries in Michigan

Truthfinder offers two pricing options:

  1. Standard subscription: $27 per month, with unlimited searches.
  2. Premium subscription: costs $32 a month and provides access to more detailed searches.

You can also get savings if you sign up for a longer term. 

To look for obituaries on TruthFinder, do the following:

  • Go to the Truthfinder website and register. 
  • Before passing away, enter the person’s initial and last name as well as their city of residence. 
  • Go to the person’s page and obtain a list of possible matches.
  • Either choose View Timeline at the top of their report or navigate to the Personal area.
  • In the Died On part of their Person Report, you will discover a link if the obituary is available.
  • To read the obituary, click View Obituary.

Truthfinder makes data security a top priority by encrypting and protecting all information. 

5. Browse Death Certificates on Online Genealogy Websites

Genealogy websites are great places to find information about your family history. They give people access to papers and records from the past, such as obituaries. is a service you can trust. It keeps many records from all over the world, making it easier to find someone’s biography. has a monthly plan that starts at $24.99 for all US records and $39.99 for access to a foreign database. Brand-new members can try it for free for 14 days.

It’s easy to find someone’s obituary on; follow these steps: 

  1. Please go to and sign in.
  2. Type the person’s name and any other important information into the search bar on the home page.
  3. Look through the search results to find the person.
  4. To get to their page, click on their name.
  5. You can find obituary records independently or in collections of vital records and newspapers.
  6. If you click on the memorial record, you can see all the information about the person, such as their life, family, and funeral plans.
  7. If you’d like, save the obituary to your device.

Alternative Genealogy Website

If you’re looking for additional ways to locate obituaries, take a look at these different genealogical websites:


MyHeritage provides a vast database on a comprehensive platform. This is a fantastic substitute if you want something more affordable than Additionally, an upgraded subscription is available for $79 annually.


AfriGeneas is a website that is only about African-American ancestry. People looking for obituaries for African Americans can use their records, forums, and expert help.

Utilize Obituary Databases and Search Engines

Search engines for obituaries provide a varied store of obituary information. They provide insights into innumerable people’s lives, legacies, and recollections. A trustworthy source in this area is offers an easy-to-use obituary search tool.

With the Legacy obituary search, you can publish a memorial webpage and do a free obituary search. 

Additionally, memorial websites can publish content for free for 14 days on their websites. After that, there is a $49.99 subscription and a $9.99 annual renewal price.

In the digital age we live in today, the past is only a click away. Here’s how to use Legacy to search for obituaries:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter the name, date, and location of interest in the search bar on the site to find obituaries.
  3. Look through the digital memorials that your friends and family have made. This frequently consists of tales, images, and virtual condolences.
  4. If you see an obituary that speaks to you, please leave a condolence note in the online guest book.


Locating an obituary for a particular person can be difficult and time-consuming.  However, readers can improve their odds of finding the obituary, if it exists, by using the resources listed below and the procedures described in this article. 
Even if it’s common for someone to pass away without having an obituary, it’s still worthwhile to investigate alternative approaches as they can provide insightful information about a loved one’s life and legacy. So, this article has clarified how do I find an obituary from years ago.

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