How Much Does Facebook Reels Pay Per View For 1000 & 1 Million Views

Social media sites have become very important for content writers to share their work and profit from it. Facebook is one of the most popular sites, and it has many ways for users to make money from their videos. But how much can someone expect to make from 1 million views on Facebook? How much does Facebook Reels pay per view? Let’s learn more about how to make money on Facebook.

Facebook Reels Monetization Requirements

 It’s essential to comprehend how you might monetize your content before discussing the potential benefits of video views. Facebook provides the following choices:

  • Ad Breaks: These are brief advertisements that run before, during, or after your videos. You will receive a portion of the revenue produced by these advertisements based on the number of people who view them. 
  • In-stream advertising: Like Ad Breaks, In-Stream advertising is brief and appears during your live-stream broadcasts. These advertisements generate additional cash for live content makers. 
  • Fan Subscriptions: With this option, you can reward your followers with special material and offers in exchange for a regular monthly payment. Facebook gets a 30% part of the subscription cost, leaving the developer with 70%.
  •  Branded Content: You can earn money through partnerships by working with sponsors on sponsored posts or product placements. However, you must adhere to Facebook’s guidelines for branded content and maintain open communication with your audience.

Facebook Pays How Much for Views?

According to reports, Facebook typically pays creators of content between $8.75 and $10 for every 1,000 views. The average Facebook creator can make between $8,750 and $10,000 with one million views on their material.

According to Tubefilter, influencers’ incomes from Facebook posts vary greatly in 2020. Due to variables including content quality, ad kind, audience, and engagement metrics, some receive millions of views, while others receive little to no payment.

Based on CPM, earnings may vary depending on the viewer’s location

  • The average payout for Asian nations is $5 for every 1,000 views.
  • The pay scale for content creators in European nations is $3 to $9 per 1,000 views
  • Earnings per 1,000 views are usually $6 to $10 in North America.
  • The average Facebook reel payment for countries in South America is $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views.
  • African nations typically earn $2 to $4 for every 1,000 views.
  • Countries in Oceania usually make $4 to $7 for every 1,000 views.

Facebook Ads’ Average CPC and CTR

According to a 2022 LinearDesign study, Facebook’s average cost per click was almost $0.97. Numerous sources claim that in 2023, the average CTR for Facebook advertising will be 0.9% across all industries, or roughly 0.5% lower and 1.5% higher than in the previous year.

The Finance industry has the highest Facebook ad CPC at $3.89, while the Food and Beverage sector has the lowest CPC at $0.42. These are the Facebook industries with the highest CPCs.

What is The Going Rate For One Million Views On Facebook?

There’s no set number associated with your Facebook eCPM. Although $8.75 is the average, your eCPM may vary to $10 or even more, depending on the content. You may determine all your earnings for a million views based on your eCPM.

Therefore, assuming, for instance, an average eCPM of $2.5 (on the low side), a creator can make $2,500 from 1 million Facebook views.

The maximum amount of money you make will come from multiplying the result by a million views after dividing the total number of views by your eCPM.

The current approximate high CTR (1.5%) for these businesses indicates that an advertisement with 1 million views would cost between $6,300 and $58,350.

CPC and CTR are measures that show how effective an advertisement is for marketers; the content provider does not profit from them. By their contract with the advertiser, creators’ compensation is based on conversions, just like sales or leads. Usually, depending on the terms of the agreement and the kind of advertisement, creators receive a portion of the revenue (e.g., 5% of sales or a predetermined price per lead).

Which Kinds of Videos May You Pay Facebook for Views?

Not all Facebook videos are eligible for monetization. You must meet specific ads on reels Facebook criteria, which is the primary way to earn money from video views.

  • Videos that are interesting, genuine, unique, and appropriate for all audiences. You should stay away from utilizing any stuff that violates the rights of others or is violent, pornographic, hateful, or misleading.
  • Videos with at least one minute of original content and a minimum duration of three minutes. You should do something other than reusing, repurposing, or recycling content from other sources.
  • Videos posted on a Page with a location in one of the qualified nations or regions and a language used in that qualified region. Here is a list of the qualifying nations, areas, and languages.
  • Videos posted from a Page that complies with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies, which set forth the standards and regulations for content creation and distribution. You must fulfill the Monetization Eligibility Standards, which specify the requirements for proving to have a consistent and devoted Facebook following. You must have five or more active video uploads or previously live videos, at least 10,000 followers on your Page, and 600,000 total minutes seen from any combination of video uploads in the last 60 days.

How Does Facebook Determine How Much It Will Pay for Each View?

Facebook does not use a set formula to determine how much it will charge for each view. The cost of each view varies depending on several variables, including:

  • How many advertisements do your audience see while watching your video? You can generate more money with more advertisements you have. But you should also consider how the user feels and refrain from overloading your screen with ads that could irritate or distract your audience.
  • The money you make from ads on your video. Ad income is contingent upon several factors, including the type of advertisement (picture, video, carousel, etc.), the placement of the advertisement (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll), the length of the ad (six, fifteen, or thirty seconds), the quality of the ad (resolution, sound, relevance), and the supply and demand of the ad (seasonality, competition, niche).
  • The amount of time viewers spend watching your video. They may be able to make more money the longer they watch. The video’s duration impacts its rating and exposure on Facebook’s algorithm, which might help you get more views and watchers.

For instance, your total earnings would be as follows: if your video receives 10,000 views, an average of two adverts per watch, and an average ad revenue of $0.01 per ad impression.

This is not the amount that Facebook will give you, though. Facebook will deduct 45% from your earnings, as previously discussed, so you will only receive 55% of the total. Your net income as a result would be:

200 x 0.55 = $110

This implies that you would receive the following for every 1,000 views:

110 / 10 = $11

This is higher than the mean estimate, but it might be less depending on how well your video performs.


The Facebook platform is great for people who want to make money from their movies through views, ads, and other features. But if you want to do well on Facebook, post interesting, high-quality content that gets more views and keeps people coming back. You must also make your material more monetizable and follow Facebook’s rules and best practices.

In this post, you will learn is 1,000 views on Facebook reels are good, how much you can make from Facebook views, and how to increase your profits on Facebook. We hope this essay has helped you understand Facebook monetization and how to make the most of it.

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