Fidelity Bloom Review: Save Money And Earn Rewards

Today’s fast-paced society makes managing personal finances challenging. However, people now have access to practical and rewarding ways to save money thanks to the development of cutting-edge financial technology solutions like Fidelity Bloom. An app-based platform called Fidelity Bloom provides users with several features that can be used to save money, make investments, and get paid. To better manage your finances, you can separate your savings and spending with the help of this Fidelity service. You will value this investment company’s resources when you are ready to reap the rewards of your hard work. 

Read on for more information in our Fidelity Bloom review, are you ready? Let’s get started!

What is Fidelity Bloom?

Fidelity Bloom allows users to open a spending and savings account, catering to all ages and socioeconomic groups. These accounts can support developing and inculcating sound money management practices that will benefit you in the long run. You can control this free financial service thanks to its intuitive Fidelity Bloom mobile app interface. Fidelity mandates that account holders be at least 18 years old. Adults of all ages can use a Bloom account protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

You will be given the option to select one of the following as your core position when you open a new Fidelity Bloom account: 

  • Fidelity Interest-Bearing Option (FCASH)
  • Fidelity Government Money Market Fund (SPAXX)
  • Fidelity Treasury Money Market Fund (FZFXX)

How Does Fidelity Bloom Work?

There are two accounts in your new Fidelity Bloom account: a Fidelity Bloom Spend account and a Fidelity Bloom Save account. The free Visa debit card for the Spend account allows you to collect bonuses that are automatically deposited into your Save account. 

You can track your savings progress with your two Fidelity Bloom accounts. Rounding up your purchases will help you save more money. Converting gift cards to cash and setting up automatic deposits into your savings account. 

NOTE: These are not checking accounts but rather brokerage accounts. You can download the Fidelity Bloom app from Google Play and App Store.  

This thorough review will examine all the important facts about Fidelity Bloom, including its savings and interest rates, account features, rewards program, and more.

1. Savings and Interest Rates

The competitive interest and savings rates offered by Fidelity Bloom are one of its main draws. A savings account with a competitive interest rate is available from Fidelity Bloom, enabling customers to increase their savings over time. It is crucial to check the most recent rates on the Fidelity Bloom website or app because the interest rate is subject to change.

2. Account Features

Users are given access to a user-friendly app by Fidelity Bloom that makes navigating and managing their accounts simple. Users of the app can track their savings, view transaction history, establish savings goals, and track their advancement using the app. Additionally, Fidelity Bloom provides automatic savings options so users can save effortlessly. Examples include rounding up purchases and recurring transfers.

3. Fidelity Bloom Card

A debit card from Fidelity Bloom is additionally offered and is connected to users’ savings accounts. The card can be used for regular purchases, and users can earn rewards on eligible purchases. The rewards accumulated can be used to increase savings rates or exchanged for various benefits and discounts.

4. Rewards Program

Fidelity Bloom provides a rewards program to encourage users to save money. Users receive points for carrying out particular tasks, such as meeting their savings objectives, making regular deposits, and interacting with the Fidelity Bloom community. Numerous advantages can be obtained by exchanging these points, including cash bonuses, gift cards, and others. The rewards program encourages users to develop wise financial habits while providing extra advantages.

5. User Experience and Security

Fidelity Bloom puts the user experience first by offering a straightforward and understandable interface. The app’s user-friendly design makes it simple for people of all financial backgrounds to navigate and make effective use of its features. Encryption and multi-factor authentication are just two of the strong security measures that Fidelity Bloom employs to safeguard users’ private data and money.

6. Account Types and Investment Options

Fidelity Bloom offers different types of accounts to cater to varying financial needs. Users can select between individual, joint, and retirement accounts like a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA, or a rollover IRA. Users can match their savings and investment plans to long-term financial objectives.

Additionally, Fidelity Bloom offers users a range of investment options to help them increase their savings. These choices consist of a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) chosen according to risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals. The platform’s investment algorithm optimizes the portfolio in light of the user’s unique circumstances and preferences.

7. Educational Resources

Fidelity Bloom provides a wealth of educational resources to equip users with the knowledge they need to manage their finances and make wise decisions. The platform offers articles, tools, and guides on various subjects, including planning a budget, understanding the fundamentals of investing, and more. These tools can help users develop thorough personal finance understandings and make wise financial decisions.

8. Integration with Existing Accounts

Fidelity Bloom is aware of how crucial it is for users’ existing financial accounts to be seamlessly integrated. Users can connect their external bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts through the platform. Users can now see their finances holistically thanks to this integration, which allows them to base their decisions on their financial situation.

9. Promotions and Bonuses

When new users sign up for the platform, Fidelity Bloom occasionally offers promotional bonuses as a draw. These promotions might offer bonuses in money, credits to your account, or other benefits. Check the Fidelity Bloom website or app before registering to see if there are any bonuses or ongoing promotions.

10 Customer Support

Fidelity Bloom aims to help and support its users, even though information about available customer support options may be scant. The platform provides a thorough help section that answers frequently asked questions and guides numerous topics. Users can also email the customer service department at Fidelity Bloom or through the app if they have any specific questions or issues. 

Pros and Cons Fidelity Bloom App


  • Interest and savings rates that are competitive.
  • easy-to-use app interface.
  • The saving process is made easier by automatic savings features.
  • The rewards program offers additional incentives.
  • Advanced security measures are used in a secure platform.


  • The availability might be restricted to particular nations or areas.
  • Interest rates can change at any time.
  • Information on available customer support options is scarce.


Fidelity Bloom provides a simple and rewarding platform for people looking to save money and earn rewards. Fidelity Bloom offers a compelling option for those looking for a contemporary and practical approach to personal finance management thanks to its competitive savings rates, user-friendly app interface, wide investment options, and educational resources. Fidelity Bloom aims to assist users in forming sound money habits and achieving their financial objectives by fusing the power of technology, alluring interest rates, and a rewards program.

Remember to frequently visit the Fidelity Bloom website or app to stay current on terms and information. Use the platform’s automatic savings features to improve your savings journey, investigate the available investment options, and use the rewards program. Start utilizing Fidelity Bloom immediately to start on the road to financial security.


Q1. How does the interest rate on Fidelity Bloom stack up against other savings accounts?

The interest rates on Fidelity Bloom’s savings accounts are competitive. While the specific rates may differ and be subject to change, they work to offer customers favourable rates to aid in the expansion of their savings. To ensure you get the best possible return on your savings, it is always a good idea to compare interest rates offered by various financial institutions.

Q2. Is Fidelity Bloom marketed internationally?

Depending on the nation or region, Fidelity Bloom’s accessibility may change. To find out if the platform is available where you are, make sure to check the Fidelity Bloom website or mobile app. If Fidelity Bloom is not offered in your area, you can look into alternative financial technology platforms or speak with nearby financial institutions to find comparable saving and investing options.

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