Elden Ring Character Creation Ideas For Male And Female

Elden Ring is one of the action role-playing games that revolves around fantasy and mythical characters. And FromSoftware’s character creator in Elden Ring is significantly more customizable than in previous games. So, players are constantly getting inspired these days with Elden Ring character creation ideas. 

And in this article, we will focus on some Elden Ring character customization ideas and how the character sliders work!

Elden Ring Character Creation

Elden Ring permits you to experience cool battles and activities and permits you to make or modify your personality as you like, gamers have also begun making new characters all alone. So, Elden Ring character creation is an interactive part of the game as well. 

The Elden Ring character customization is obviously like different Spirits games. You can pick the different parts of your personality, including name, age, and appearance. The base format choice allows you to browse a few presets, and you can tweak these at any rate. This includes parts of your personality, similar to voice, skin tone, face, and hair.

Elden Ring Character Creation Sliders

  • Name is the first basic attribute that can be defined in the main character creation window. The ‘Body Type’ slider lets you choose your character’s sex. This is accomplished by picking one of two choices – type A (male) and type B (female). 
  • Next, you can choose your character’s age – young, mature, or old. This option only affects appearance and has no impact on the ability of the character.  
  • You can also preview your character’s appearance as well as the character’s initial stats at the Elden Ring character creator. You can zoom in or out and pivot your personality model for additional assessment.
  • There are also Elden Ring keepsakes which are gear accessible to the player at character creation, giving extra strength toward the beginning of one’s excursion. There are nine Mementos to choose, and the players can begin the game without one.
  • On the other hand, there are classes for Elden Ring that are the combat archetypes also accessible at character creation. Picking a class decides the player’s base details and the gear they start with.
  • There is a ton of opportunity proposed given to the players with regards to character creation Elden Ring. While there are limitations, as much as any other computer based video game, character creation leaves players with a lot of creativity and independence. It also makes the game very interactive. 

If you’re considering getting creative with your characters, here are some of the best Elden Ring character creation ideas! You can take inspiration or create your own characters from this list. 

Fun Elden Ring Character Customization Ideas

1. The Prophet

The Prophet is basically a religious image in Elden Ring, similar to Miracles from earlier Souls games but it operates in a slightly different way than traditional sorcery. The Prophet generally avoids close combat and wears light armor to stay mobile in terms of gear. They will likewise have restricted wellbeing, making them powerless against strength-based characters. 

Prophets are excellent candidates to wield Seal weapons, which enhance their incantations and make them more lethal. It’s feasible to make a form that utilizes both, however most players like to zero in on one of these disciplines to create their Elden Ring custom characters.

2. Pure Bleed

This is another character in the Elden Ring male character creation which has garnered quite attention. In terms of armor, you should use the sinister-looking white mask because it has the inherent ability to increase enemies’ bleeding damage. After defeating the Nameless White Mask near Mohgwyn Palace, you will receive the White Mask. 

Until the end of your defensive layer, you can utilize anything that you’d like. Due to its high bleed buildup and impressive damage stats, the Rivers of Blood katana is the only weapon required for this build. The Rivers of Blood are obtained from Bloody Finger Okina, a threatening NPC that attacks when you approach the Church of Repose in the Peaks of the Giants.

3. Zoro

The anime world has also shown up in Elden Ring through some of the One Piece characters. Zoro, Luffy’s right-hand man, has shown up as part of the Elden Ring anime character creation While the third blade in Zoro’s mouth is simply surface level, his other two katanas are modified adaptations of  Uchigatana and Rivers of Blood.

So far, only one more One Piece character appears to have been incorporated into Elden Ring which is a second swordsman named Mihawk. This is however a great way to get more anime characters into the game, with similar presets. There’s a lot of creativity being involved when it comes to bringing characters from an entirely different place into the game.

4. Patches

Patches is an underhanded drifter, who generally appears to wind up rushed into each new FromSoftware installment. Since his most memorable appearance in Evil presence’s Spirits, Patches has turned into a common person, inclined to double-cross you the principal opportunity he gets. In Elden Ring, you will initially meet Patches in Murkwater Cavern.

As you approach your plundering, opening a chest in the manager’s room will make Patches jump at you, blaming you for burglary. When you smack him down to half well-being, Patches will promptly give up. You will begin his quest line and become the proud owner of the Grovel for Mercy gesture if you accept. So, it’s one considerable idea for Elden Ring funny character creation.

5. Thanos

The Infinity Gauntlet is the most well-known feature of Thanos’ appearance. Due to the fact that it only comes with one golden glove, Malenia’s Gauntlet appears to be your only option in this situation. You should beat Malenia first – and afterward the protection can be bought from Enia in Roundtable Hold. And, you can come up with other Marvel characters. 

A number of creators have shared videos and steps explaining how to create Thanos. This is one of the best Elden Ring character creations that also brings in pop culture. The major step is to alter skin colour to include Thanos’ characteristic purple colour for Elden Ring face creation. Other steps include focusing on chin structure and features like eyes. 

6. Malenia

Malenia, Goddess of Decay is a mythical demigod boss in Elden Ring. She’s the twin of Miquella, the most impressive of the Empyreans, and acquired fame for her unbelievable fight against Starscourge Radahn during the Breaking, in which she released the force of the Red Decay and decreased Caelid to ruins. Malenia was a strong and gifted hero, having enormous strength, speed, and smoothness. 

Her dual-wielding technique, in which she could channel dark energy into two curved swords, heavily influenced her fighting style. She could likewise utilize her brilliant prosthetics, and her wings made of butterflies provided her the capacity to fly and go after from a higher place. This is a creative idea for an Elden Ring female character creation.

7. Squidward

This is also one of the Elden Ring character customization ideas which is both funny and weird to look at. In a way, Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants has also entered the game. Players in every FromSoft game can make their own warrior who can travel across the land, and many have used the system to make a variety of characters.

Recently, a player used the Elden Ring character creator to customize a character to resemble SpongeBob SquarePants’ Handsome Squidward. The character first made an appearance in the Season 5 episode ‘The Two Faces of Squidward’, and its appearance, along with other popular scenes from the show, has become a popular internet meme. So you can also try recreating this character with the help of tutorials on the internet. 

8. Rennala 

Rennala was a Lunar Sovereign, top of the Carian Regal Family, and the legislative head of the Foundation of Raya Lucaria, which is situated in the fog-loaded terrains of Liurnia. Even though Rennala wasn’t a demigod, she did have one of the Great Runes, which Radagon gave to her in the form of an amber egg. 

Her possession of one of the Great Runes, which her husband Radagon gave to her as a gift, also emphasizes her significance and power. Intriguingly, she is the only boss who can be contacted later on as an NPC, allowing players to use her Rebirth magic to change their appearance or reallocate their stats. This is also an idea for Elden Ring character creation female for when you want stronger characters who also look good.


Character creation in Elden Ring is a fun and significant part of the game. There are a number of characters that you can come up with, given the options for customization. It offers 10 unique pre-set character appearances to set the beginning stage of your customization process. These provide a diverse selection of characteristics like hairstyle, skin colour, and body shape. But, this does not define the character’s background or narrative arc, and it also doesn’t affect gameplay. You can quickly come up with unique Elden Ring hot character creation or a funny one, even. And these Elden Ring character creation ideas will totally inspire you!

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