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Undress AI: What is it and what is the underlying technology

Undress AI is an online app that can remove attire from any person using AI technology. And when we say “any”, we mean it. There are absolutely zero limits to who can be undressed: singers, actors, friends, sportspeople, Instagram influencers and many more. 

When the person is being nudified, the complex algorithms generate a realistic nude image by identifying any clothing and replacing it with best-suited naked body parts. This process is available thanks to the integration of a generative adversarial network approach (GAN), which is a software that has gone through 4320 hours of artificial intelligence training and scanned over a million pictures. Given the long hours of education, the produced results are hyper realistic. 

To use the Undress AI app, simply go to their website It is approachable from any device as there is no necessity of downloading or installing. Over 100,000 users have already joined Undress AI to enjoy all the benefits of this cool web-based App on a daily basis, and the numbers keep increasing.  

Undress AI: Price

In the following table you can find some useful and comprehensive information regarding the available pricing plans. 

Subscription planCostNumber of creditsQuality of deepfake nudesAverage time in queueBody type trait accessible?

Undress AI: What do users love about the app?

When it comes to the advantages of the platform, the following aspects can be explicitly pointed out:

  • Bright and user-friendly interface
  • Great support via Telegram and Email
  • Few steps to generate deepnudes
  • Possibility to cancel subscription
  • Possibility to test out the platform prior to paying
  • Affordable pricing for all plans

Undress AI: Features

  • Free Trial – If you don’t want to pay for a large number of credits right away, test out the app using 10 trials granted to you after signing out.
  • Body alteration – choose the body type and the age of your future deepnude creation.
  • Clothes replacement – Try on different garments and lingerie with the clothes replacement tool.
  • Referral Program – Get two credits for each friend you invite to the app. You can find your affiliate link in the personal account.

Undress AI: How to use it?

We have a small guide that will help you with navigation around the website and generation of your fist deepnude:

  • Access the website via the following link:
  • Press the “Try now for free” button, which is located right under the app description on the home page.
  • Once the pop-up box appears, sign in using Google email or Discord account. Please carefully read the terms and privacy policy prior to logging in.
  • Once logged in, you will be able to select a pricing plan from of the four available.
  • Upload a picture that you would like to nudify. Keep in mind the suggestions for input images.
  • Pick the body type, age and resolution of your future deepnude. This step will not be available when using a free trial.
  • Manually indicate the attire you’d like to “take off”, or simply wait for the AI to do it for you.
  • Press the “GO” button.
  • Now you can relish the created deepnude.

Undress AI: Is it the only undressing app?

Given the recent boom in AI use and creation of advanced technologies, other developers have also produced apps that are similar to Undress AI. Here are some of our favorites:


This deepnude undressing app allows you to undress only the clothing you want, meaning you can make your image topless, bottomless or fully nude. 

The app offers three pricing plans: Basic at $14.99, Standard at $29.99 and Pro at $99.99. You also get 5 credits on sign up. 


The app allows you to undress anyone online for free. What we enjoy about this platform is its “Nude Blog” with informative articles concerning nudify and pornografic AI.

The app offers two pricing plans: Basic at $12.99/month and Pro at $53.99/month.


This advanced deepnude AI allows you to fully unleash the fun side of complex technologies, removing clothes from any image in mere seconds.  

The app offers three pricing plans: Standard at $29.95, Standard Plus at $36.50 and Premium at $99. 


How can I cancel my subscription?

As we specified above, subscriptions can be canceled at any time. But how to do it? Just log in to your personal account by clicking on profile picture. There you can also amend your subscription plan and check the number of extra credits you received through the referral program.

Which payment methods are available?

In order to pay for Basic/Standart/Pro plans, you can use Bitcoin or a bank card.

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