Top Cpasbien Alternatives For You To Try In 2024

We all want to get access to our favorite and top-rated TV Shows, Software, Movies, Music. The easiest way is to get the subscription of the OTT platform they are live on but all sorts of such platforms including Netflix, Hotstar, Prime do charge a fee. A minimal fee. But the other way is to download content from torrenting websites like Cpasbien. 

Cpasbien is a French Torrent website which people use to download a variety of content, including TV shows, software, music, and other entertainment materials. But now access to Cpasbien is restricted and blocked due to copyright violations. In place, there are several Cpasbien alternatives available which you can use and download content you want. 

However, not all of Cpasbien alternatives are secure and right websites. You will have to suffer from unwanted popup ads and trackers.  Third parties can see that you’re torrenting and what you’ve downloaded as well. After researching a lot, here are the top Cpasbien alternatives that you can explore securely and download any content you want. 

The top Cpasbien alternatives are Torrent9, yggTorrent, KickassTorrents, and many more. Here is a detailed explanation to each one of them. 

Best Cpasbien Alternatives Of 2024 

  1. Torrent9 
  2. yggTorrent
  3. Kickass Torrents 
  4. GKTorrents
  5. T411
  6. OxTorrents
  7. 1337x
  8. YTS
  9. The Pirate Bay
  10. ZeTorrents

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that using Cpasbien alternatives can pose risks, and it’s recommended to use a high-speed VPN to ensure privacy and security while accessing such sites. 

Detailed Explanation Of Cpasbien Alternatives Of 2024

1. Torrent9 

The next best option is Torrent9 if you can not access Cpasbien anymore. People in Gabon, Cameroon, and France use it very often. You can download anything you want. It includes movies, TV shows, music, eBooks, computer games, and software. Here you need to make sure to download copyright-free content from Torrent9 to avoid violating any copyright laws.

The site’s most downloaded files are conveniently outlined under the “Top Torrents” page. You can easily find it. There are no annoying banners or video advertising on Torrent9, in contrast to other Cpasbien alternatives. 

2. yggTorrent

You can find all sorts of French content on yggTorrent. You will find multiple mirror sites. Explore games, apps, books, music, and movies, but be cautious not to unintentionally download anything that is copyright-protected. Locate what you need fast and simply. The website’s ease of navigation is top-notch. 

The features, buttons, tabs, structure, and functionality are the same as Torrent9. yggTorrent mirror sites ( feature a lot of advertisements; to access the tab or link you want, you must close two suspicious-looking popup adverts. However, it does function. Set up a strong VPN with an integrated virus and ad blocker. It will be a lot easier. 

3. KickassTorrents

There are 7.3 million visits monthly on Kickass Torrents. This is top among the popular Cpasbien alternatives. Get access to carefully curated torrent files for games, music, movies, TV shows, and apps. Do not download unlawful files, since the majority of these are pirated stuff, to prevent legal repercussions.

Just put in the keyword you are looking for in the search box. You will not trigger pop-up advertisements when clicked. The website has a lot of stuff copyright protected, but it also has some excellent, uncommon public domain items. Torrents you download are always free of copyright, you need to make sure of that with KickassTorrents. 

4. GKTorrents

In the list of best Cpasbien alternatives, this is top-ranked for providing the quality content. Explore and torrent French-language movies, TV shows, anime, music, shows, and eBooks. To avoid problems, however, be sure the file you wish to download is legal first.  

There are separate sections on the website for both PC and console games. Numerous high-quality files with a large number of seeders are available. You can quickly download them. It can be challenging to navigate GkTorrents at times since clicking anywhere on the website—even on blank spaces—opens a new tab with an advertisement. Close any pop-up advertisements before clicking on the tab or link again to switch tabs or access torrent links.

5. T411

Easiest user interface in all Cpasbien alternatives is T411. Find French movies, TV shows, music, novels, and games in seconds. If it’s accessible, that is. Otherwise you might face a problem. Use the “Film Streaming” tab to watch movies directly on the website. Only watch and download media that is in the public domain or is free of copyright to avoid violating copyright laws.

You will need to establish a connection to a top-notch VPN server in your home country or another region where it is accessible in order to access it from there while abroad. 

6. OxTorrent

OxTorrent has several high-quality torrent files in French for games, eBooks, music, movies, and television shows. Here you need to cross-check the files you are downloading isn’t a pirated version because it might be a copyright-protected movie or series.

You can find several better and worse Oxtorrent mirrors. While connects to both the Torrent9 mirror sites and site (both of which are operational). has much less advertisements than 

7. 1337x 

Multiple 1337x mirror websites are available over the web. 1337x simplifies (and secures) user experience by offering a useful collection of operational mirror sites directly on the home page. This is a nice, ad-free experience Cpasbien alternative you need to explore. Your experience won’t be hampered by numerous pop-up advertisements.

1337x neatly subcategorized files to facilitate easy exploration. A list of the most watched films over the previous 24 hours was shown when the “Movie” subcategory was clicked. Regretfully, they were all pirated. Use the search bar to find public domain movies.

8. YTS 

YTS is an index replica of YIFY Torrents. Yiftach Swery, a New Zealander, developed the original website in 2010. It appeared briefly on the 2015 television program Mr. Robot.

Every file has a “Watch Now” option to watch videos straight from the website without having to download them. Make sure you’re just downloading and watching legal movies because it’s simple to unintentionally watch a pirated movie on a website like YTS.

But there are a lot of advertisements on this page; each click opens a new tab, and the main page is covered in intrusive banner advertising. Use a VPN to securely explore and torrent. 

9. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the best among all Cpasbien alternatives. In terms of monthly visitors, the Pirate Bay was the most popular torrent directory website worldwide.There is a vibrant community of visitors that make high-speed downloads possible.

The Pirate Bay is a fantastic resource for French-language entertainment. Just be sure there are no copyright violations in the material you download. Although the Pirate Bay has a simple search interface, popup advertisements are frequently displayed.

10. ZeTorrents

ZeTorrents is last in our list but not the least Cpasbien alternatives. Download movies, video games for PC and consoles, eBooks, apps, and TV shows here. Separate section is there for anime and music. 

Every time you click a link or go to a different area of the website, advertisements open in new tabs. When downloading files, make sure to carefully close any pop-up advertisements and try again later. Additionally, confirm that the file you’re attempting to download isn’t illicit or pirated. Make sure that the content you download is in the public domain.

How to Choose the Best Cpasbien Alternative? 

-The removal of Cpasbien is not unusual; to stop unlawful downloads of copyrighted content, authorities frequently shut down torrenting websites. The best Cpasbien alternatives have been taken down several times, however they have resurfaced as mirror or proxy sites.

-Downloads from reputable (malware-free) sources will be more reliable. Reputable torrent websites won’t require you to register or provide your email address to access the content. 

-Selecting a Cpasbien alternative that provides a large number of excellent torrents with respectable seeder-to-leecher ratios is crucial. French-language titles or English-language files with French subtitles may be easily found on good torrenting sites.

-The most effective Cpasbien alternatives have high website traffic. You’re more likely to find well-seeded torrents when there are more visitors.


These are some of the best Cpasbien alternatives you can explore if Cpasbien is not accessible. Explore and download your favorite content (movies, music, software, and TV shows) now with the aforementioned Cpasbien alternatives. Just make sure to watch the legal content and not violate copyright issues. 

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