Chegg Alternative – Other Apps & Websites Like Chegg For Earning

With the constant competition and the digital era, the format and style of studying has evolved as well. Students and even teachers rely on online methods, that are easier, more extensive, and suited for different learning paces. They even become a great source of income for students and teachers. Hence, many constantly growing study models are focused on digitized structures of education.

What is Chegg? 

Chegg is a great place to get inexpensive textbooks, homework assistance, or topic explanations. It likewise permits understudies to find a mentor who can tackle their inquiries and gives free Chegg answers quickly – whether it is a test question or schoolwork. These tests are given to students to help them become better at the subject and improve their ability to solve problems. Students can use their login credentials to access Chegg, and once they do so, they will be taken to the search page, where they can type in the services they want.

List of 20 Best Chegg Alternative For Earning

  • Quizlet
  • Bartleby
  • Course Hero
  • Bookfinder
  • Skooli
  • Socratic
  • Paul’s Online Notes
  • OneClass
  • Photomath
  • PaperCoach
  • School Solver
  • Studypool
  • 24 Hour Answers
  • SellBackBooks
  • Writes per hour
  • PaperHelp
  • ValoreBooks
  • Khan Academy

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Top Websites Like Chegg To Earn Money

They began as a straightforward tool and have since evolved into seven distinct study modes, tools to assist teachers in getting the most out of their students, and activities to assist classes in learning and having fun together, making it a perfect Chegg alternative.

Quizlet provides comprehensive explanations of various subjects, textbook solutions, and question answers. Enter the subject, ISBN, or book title to obtain solutions or explanations. Quizlet shows you the answers step by step, which helps you better understand each concept. Additionally, Quizlet has a variety of interactive activities to facilitate learning. Tests, interactive games, and flashcards are all examples of this.

Products and services offered by Bartleby cater to the needs and schedules of today’s students and are intended to enhance student success and outcomes. Bartleby learns, Bartleby writes, and Bartleby research are all currently available on the Bartleby platform. However Bartleby is not one of those free websites like Chegg, it charges a month-to-month expense of USD 9.99.

This software edits your work and checks for plagiarism using artificial intelligence (AI). Some textbooks can be borrowed from Bartleby’s extensive library.

Course Hero is there to help students on their learning journey as they seek assistance and resources to better comprehend their coursework, get ready for exams, learn, and remember what they’ve learned. Access to millions of learning resources, including practice problems, study guides, textbook solutions, and step-by-step explanations for every subject, is available to students who subscribe or contribute their resources. This makes it one of the best Chegg alternative.

Finding study materials is incredibly straightforward. To find the study resources that are most relevant to the course you are taking, you can search for them by subject or school.

This is one of those Chegg like sites that offers textbooks. This platform is renowned for its commitment to providing educational resources to all who require them. This stage was first evolved in 1997. One can borrow a variety of collections today to help improve one’s work, such as an academic paper. The fact that anyone in the world can use the services is the best part. aggregates the inventory of well over 100,000 booksellers on their website through direct partnerships with major online listings services and bookstores.

If one is searching for a miniature coach, is a great Chegg alternative. It’s a great way to earn money because it has classes, books, admissions tools, and tutoring. It is the perfect Chegg alternative for earning. One will get tutoring from trustworthy people who work in the best educational establishments.

Before getting in touch with the tutors, one can go over their profiles in detail. One can also schedule a session with the tutor if they think they are a good fit for one’s needs. It can be used by students of any age, and is one of the sites like Chegg tutors.

Skooli is one of the websites similar to Chegg where one can get homework help and online tutoring. Whether one wants assistance with math, science, or English, Skooli can organize one-on-one internet-based meetings with master mentors. It has a chat, whiteboard, and online classroom with video conferencing to make online learning more interactive. Skooli is a personalized, digital-era learning platform that caters to the needs of students. After each session, it also looks at one’s feedback and study tips to see what one need to work on.

Socratic is one of the apps similar to Chegg, which is intended to assist understudies with concentrating on everything from math and science to verse. Google AI powers the app that runs the program. The AI recognizes the subject matter and the issue when the student takes a picture of the issue with their homework. The student is then guided through the explanation or solution. The app can read the photo and classify it using optical character recognition (OCR). The app provides students with a variety of learning resources, including definitions, YouTube videos, questions and answers, and original content and illustrations created by the web community.

An online community for developers to learn, share their expertise, and advance their careers, Stack Overflow works as a Chegg alternative for earning, while also helping to earn. The Stack Exchange network is one of the best places to find answers to any question because it has more than 170 sites and domains, each devoted to a specific subject. There are a lot more topics there than on Chegg, including technical issues of all levels.

Paul Dawkins, the site’s creator, teaches math at Lamar University. However, he created the notes for all university students, not just those in his classes. This is a free website like Chegg that doesn’t even require an account. Paul wanted to make his notes and explanations available to everyone because it was his project. Algebra (Math 1314), Calculus I (Math 2413), Calculus II (Math 2414), Calculus III (Math 3435), and Differential Equations (Math 3301) class notes and tutorials are currently available online on this site. An Algebra/Trig review for Calculus Students, a primer on Complex Numbers, a list of Common Math Errors, and some advice on how to study math are among the site’s reviews and extras.

OneClass advertises itself as a community-based personalized coursework assistance, which is one the sites similar to Chegg. It assists with homework, class notes, study guides, solutions to textbook problems, and more. The website actively provides current students with revenue for uploading their notes and homework. One can quickly find what they need, when they need it, thanks to the extensive library of exam study guides, lecture notes, and video tutorials created by top students and subject matter experts. Booster Classes have been added lately, which are courses designed specifically for each student’s learning style. In addition, they provide students with the option to learn at their own pace while at home, meeting or exceeding the standards set by reputable colleges.


Students can quickly access everything from study guides to complete filled-in tests on dozens of websites. Some can be used to cheat while others can be used for the legitimate study. While Chegg is the most well-known of these websites, it is not the only one. There are some Chegg alternative sites that help students and teachers, alike. They can not only act as study materials but even help students answer questions or understand concepts through professionals, at a pace that suits them.

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