CellTracker io Review To Help You Make The Right Choice

A number of people use mobile tracker apps these days, for different purposes and reasons. One of the popular tracker apps is CellTracker io. It promises to be user-friendly, and affordable which sounds interesting. And in this article, we will share an elaborate CellTracker io review to help you understand the app and its features. 

Before we move on to the CellTracker io app review, let’s find out a little about the app!

What Is CellTracker?

CellTracker io is one of the free portable tracker applications for advanced cell phones. It is a robust Android tracker app that records and monitors all of your smartphone’s activities. These include all-call accounts, browsing history, live location, photographs, recordings, SMS, app notifications, messages introduced applications, web-sifting, contacts, and more.

What Are The Features Of CellTracker?

An important part of this CellTracker io review is to understand the features of the app because they make up the entire identity. These are some of the features that make it unique as compared to the other apps:

  • Call Tracking:
    You can keep track of all of your mobile calls, both incoming and outgoing, as well as clear call recordings that include duration and timestamps. On the other hand, the recordings are stored on the cloud space of the CellTracker io app.
  • Location Tracking:
    This feature assists you with recovering your previous location to have a self-track. It’s also helpful to show others that you were at a location at a specific time and place. So, you get the accuracy, date, and location address, as well as all of the mobile GPS coordinates.
  • Images Tracking:
    After you complete the CellTracker io signup, it will make a reinforcement of the pictures in the gallery. This has two benefits as you can create a backup of all the images, and retrieve them if they’re deleted from the system. On the other hand, you can also save private images with encryption.
  • WhatsApp Tracking:
    You can see all active messages and calls with date, time, type, and content from your PC or some other gadget. This is after you complete the CellTracker io login to the dashboard. The good part is that even if you lose your phone or turn it off and need some important information, you can still access your WhatsApp data.

How Does CellTracker Work?

Another aspect of the CellTracker io app review is to understand its functionality. So, we will also cover its working and performance in order to give an honest picture of the app. This includes everything from downloading the app and using it.

To download the CellTracker io app, it’s important to disable Google Play Protect and disable notifications related to Google Play Protect. This is because Play Protect is a security feature that Google has added to applications that are not downloaded from Google Play.

Here’s how to complete the CellTracker io download:

  • Start with clicking on the “create free account” option to get the register form.
  • Now, fill in all the fields like your name, email, and password in the register form.
  • Then access the CellTracker io app in the designated gadget. Now, click the “download app” button to complete the CellTracker io download.
  • Give the “unknown source” permission to install the downloaded file.
  • After that’s done, open the app and grant permission to all users once the installation is finished. Enter your login details in the provided section. The status “initial sync started” will appear after the login process is complete. You can then click the “hide icon” button.
  • On the completion of the entire process, delete the apk files from downloads and clear the browser history.

The access is simple with the help of its dashboard, where you can manage tracking of various apps on your gadget. 

What Are The Benefits?

Before you consider downloading and signing up for the app, it’s essential to understand what makes it worth it. This part of the CellTracker io review focuses on the various benefits that make this app stand out among other similar apps.

  • The CellTracker app also serves as antivirus software. Accordingly, it screens your web-based presence while safeguarding your gadget from infections and malware assaults.
  • It aims to safeguard private and confidential information on your target phone. In addition, you will be the only one to have access to the online account created. This means that your account data would be encrypted so that no one can access your personal information unless you give them permission.
  • The app is compatible with the Android operating system, Blackberry operating system, Windows operating system, and Apple iOS. This means that the CellTracker io app is easy to operate on any or most kinds of frameworks.
  • It offers a solution for controlling and monitoring your target device remotely. You can easily track activities while maintaining complete control over settings from a separate source using their advanced technology. 
  • Whether it’s guaranteeing the security of your youngsters or observing the activities of your ideal gadget, CellTracker io gives a simple platform to address your issues. 

What Is The Pricing?

The app gives access to a variety of plans from which users can choose based on their requirements. You can pick the arrangement and pay for a day or month or year.

The free arrangement gives you a few fundamental features. But, assuming that you might need access to all the 35+ features that it has to offer, premium plans turn out the best.

For more benefits at a reasonable cost, a one-year plan is preferable. When compared to monthly subscription rates, annual subscriptions offer more advantages in terms of cost. The premium features can be accessed through the dashboard. Once paid for, they begin to function within five to ten minutes of purchase. Be that as it may, it can require as long as 24 hours.

What Do We Think?

According to our CellTracker io review, the app is a great platform to track mobile phones. The features that it offers are versatile and there’s a lot to explore. The one drawback is the fact that it contains ads, and the process to download can be somewhat of a hassle. Other than that, the functioning is smooth and it’s simple. The good part is that the benefits mostly make the download process worth it because the app focuses a lot on privacy and security. The tracking is fully encrypted so you don’t have to worry about your data. So, the CellTracker io app is a great mobile tracker to ensure the safety of someone you care about.

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