10 Best Billion Dollar Business Ideas To Startup in 2024

Opportunities abound in the ever-changing business scene for those ready to take chances and think creatively. As we approach 2024, the entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever. Some of the best and top business ideas are among the NFT Marketplace, on-demand food delivery, EV charging station app, and many more. 

Here are the 10 best billion-dollar business ideas that have the potential to succeed in 2024 and beyond. These ideas, ranging from technological advancements to environmentally friendly companies, are intended to inspire and power the imagination of aspiring entrepreneurs. Keep reading to know more in detail about the same here. 

List of Top Billion Dollar Business Ideas

1. NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is one of the best billion-dollar tech startup ideas. The global non-fungible industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.2% until it reaches $211.72 billion by 2030. Just imagine the growth potential it holds within the industry. 

They are investing in establishing NFT marketplaces, wherein NFT enthusiasts and creators can trade, purchase, or sell NFTs valued at millions of dollars. There is no doubt in that. In 2022, 1.8 billion US dollars were collected as fees by well-known NFT markets such as OpenSea.

The NFT marketplace segment is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. Thus, establishing an NFT marketplace is a billion dollar startup idea that will continue to be in demand.

2. On-Demand Food Delivery

Even while it may appear simple, launching an on-demand food delivery company has the potential to bring in billions of dollars.

Online food delivery is expected to reach $1 trillion in revenue by 2023. A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.78 percent is projected for the market between 2023 and 2027. By 2027, the online food delivery industry is expected to grow to $2 trillion.

You can still make enormous profits with the correct marketing strategy, company plan, and exceptional food delivery app. Furthermore, you can start your food delivery service in three to four weeks with the help of the available white-label delivery solutions.

3. EV Charging Station App

Globally, the market for electric vehicles is expanding at an exponential rate. Additionally, as the number of vehicles increases, so does the need for readily available, energy-efficient EV charging.

The market for electric vehicles was estimated to be worth USD 388.1 billion globally in 2023 and is expected to grow to USD 951.9 billion by 2030. Investing in EV charging station applications is a chance to capitalize on the enormous potential of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. 

With a single application, connect EV charging stations globally and enable them to manage company operations efficiently. EV charging apps can bring in billions of dollars if you have a compelling business plan and serve big global clients.

4. OTT Application

The popularity of over-the-top (OTT) apps is rising as more people search for convenient and reasonably priced methods to view TV series, movies, and other types of content. The worldwide over-the-top (OTT) industry is anticipated to reach $223.9 billion by 2027, and there is a growing need for premium, content-rich OTT applications.

You can create billion-dollar business opportunities if you invest in an OTT app that fits customers’ expectations. Everything will be available on your app (news, live sports, TV series, and movies). It’s advisable to provide customers with resources to find and watch content on various devices.

5. eLearning Application

Online learning applications are becoming increasingly popular as more people seek convenient and reasonably priced solutions for learning new skills. By 2025, the global online learning market is anticipated to expand to $325 billion, driven by rising demand for exciting and high-quality online courses.

Start a billion-dollar company by establishing an online learning application that appeals to learners’ demands. Your app should be easy to navigate, with various courses available from beginner to advanced. Get tools that help students monitor their development and maintain motivation. To increase your e-learning software’s reach, you can partner with universities, colleges, and other educational establishments.

6. On-Demand Taxi App

The market for on-demand taxis is rapidly growing, with a predicted value of $285 billion by 2025. This is owing to the ease of use and low cost of on-demand taxi apps, which allow customers to schedule a transport with a few taps on their smartphone.

The popularity of on-demand taxi apps such as Uber has demonstrated that there is a high demand for this type of service. You have the potential to establish a billion-dollar business idea in 2024 if you can develop a well-functioning on-demand taxi app that fits the needs of users.

To ensure success, your app should also have a vast and active user base, a dependable and efficient booking system, competitive pricing, a powerful marketing campaign, and a commitment to customer service.

7. NEO Bank

Any internet resource that answers the question “What are some billion-dollar company ideas?” is incomplete unless it mentions “NEO Bank.” NEO banks are the banking and financial sector’s future. They make financial services more transparent, affordable, and convenient for tech-savvy users.

These next-generation banking products include enhanced money management and financial tools to help customers accomplish their financial objectives. The global NEO banking market is predicted to reach $66.82 billion in 2022 and increase at a CAGR of 54.8% between 2023 and 2030.

Using Whitelabel neo banking technology, you can build a NEO bank in 6 to 8 months. You can open a fully licensed NEO bank or collaborate with a parent bank to provide financial services.

8. Crypto Banking Services

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and ETH prompted debate over the relevance of traditional institutions in the twenty-first century. They are an excellent alternative to traditional banking because of their low entry hurdles and ease of use.

A potential billion business idea is starting a crypto bank where customers may deposit their cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and digital assets and receive banking services such as loans. Additionally, reducing burdens means that more consumers join the mainstream finance industry and use banking services.

Furthermore, providing banking as a service or investing in custom Fintech app development has the potential to earn billions of dollars in income. Opportunities related to yet-to-be-invented Metaverse financial solutions can be worth trillions of dollars if your unique concept pulls more users into conventional finance.

9. Real Estate Business

Convenient and cost-effective real estate investment opportunities are in high demand in the multi trillion-dollar real estate sector. Users of real estate apps can locate properties to buy, handle their investments, and establish connections with other investors.

You could build a billion-dollar company by creating an app for real estate that appeals to investors. Inbuild property listings, market statistics, tools for investment analysis, and networking opportunities in your app. Making steady profits will be easy because your real estate software sells and purchases properties valued at billions of dollars.

10. Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Customers can find a variety of service providers, including carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, through multi-service provider marketplaces. This gives customers a simple way to locate and reserve the required services and provides service providers with a practical way to reach out to new clients.

By 2025, the multi-service provider marketplace market is projected to reach $100 billion due to its rapid growth. The increasing popularity of online platforms and the growing need for convenience drive this increase. Make billions of dollars by investing in the creation of multi-service provider marketplace apps.

Take Step Ahead And Make Billion Dollar Business 

2024 has plenty of opportunities for business owners who are prepared to embrace innovation and adapt to the market’s changing demands. These company ideas could lead to billion-dollar business opportunities by using the power of AI, pushing sustainability, or making things easier. 

All you have to do is understand the industry and the customers. Rest, planning and execution is a must. To make these ideas into successful businesses, people who want to be business leaders should do a lot of research on the market, focus on quality, and put customer happiness first.

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