Best Programming Language For Cross Platform App Development

When we code for any kind of development, we first understand the programming language. But, even before that, we comprehend the platform we are developing on. Here, today in this blog, we will talk about the cross platform and the best programming language for cross platform app development. However, you may wonder, what is cross platform? So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the blog and know everything about cross platform programming languages, starting from what is cross platform?

What Is Cross Platform?

Basically, what we call a platform, is an environment where you can execute the programming codes. The platform is divided into two main types, i.e., hardware and software.

Hardware: Hardware elements like CPU, GPU, etc. affect this kind of platform. Therefore, we can say that it is the type of platform that relies on the IT environment’s hardware architecture.

Software: This type of platform works with software in an IT infrastructure. Due to this, it is dependent on the operating system, browser, or runtime, such as Java.

Moving forward, the creation of software that you can run and implement on multiple platforms is considered as programming in cross platform. For example, if you develop an application that you can run on Android and IOS is cross platform programming. Thus, the software will be cross platform if only it can be run on more than one computer, operating system, or architecture.

To encapsulate, cross platform code can be executed on a variety of platforms without requiring major changes.

Because developing such software may be time-consuming owing to variations in, for example, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), several frameworks and programming languages have been developed to help with this process. So, in the next section, we will familiarize you with the list of the best cross platform programming language.

List Of The Best Programming Language For Cross Platform App Development

  1. Java 
  2. Javascript 
  3. Ruby
  4. Kotlin 
  5. React Native 
  6. Dart 
  7. Flutter 
  8. Objective C
  9. Ionic 
  10. Swift
  11. Xamarin 
  12. C#
  13. Native Script 
  14. Qt
  15. Node.js

10 Best Language For Cross Platform App Development

Let’s look at these languages part by part in a little detail.

Java: Best Language For Cross Platform Apps

We have all heard about Java in some way or another. It is considered one of the best programming language for cross platform mobile development. Java is a high-level class and object-based programming language. Initially, it was the main language for developing android apps. However, in May 2019, Google announced Kotlin. To your astonishment, even after this announcement, it is still used for enterprise-scale web application development, android app development, and more. It is because of its stability and performance.

Java isn’t just for Android apps; it can also build a full-stack backend. It is also a programming language for generating mobile apps for various operating systems and hardware kinds. Java programs are unquestionably “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA). As a result, out of all the older programming languages, Java has withstood the test of time.

Javascript: Best Multi Platform Language

Javascript, aka the cockroach of the IT sector, is a world-class programming language. With the help of this cross platform programming language, developers developed frameworks like Vue, Svelte, jQuery, Angular, and React.js. Consequently, it became more popular. Well, this is not the only reason for its popularity. JS is well known for its use on websites. However, it is more than that. It allows developers to write the complete code for applications for multiple platforms. Besides, it is an object-oriented and high-level scripting language.

Further, the capabilities of this language are greatly extended when powerful server-side versions of JS are used. It is admired for its adaptability, interoperability with several third-party frameworks and libraries, and relative simplicity of understanding. It assists in the development of rapid and cost-effective apps which makes it one of the best cross platform app development language.


Unlike other programming languages, it is not boring. Basically, it was developed to make the programming fun and enjoyable for developers. With this best language for cross platform mobile apps, they can follow good UI design principles. There are many reasons why it is considered the best programming language for cross platform app development. To begin with, it has unique features like duck typing (automatic garbage collection). This means, instead of declarations, exception handling, and more, the behavior is the basis of the type recognition. Further, it is a dynamically types programming language. Not only this, but it is also decoded, object-oriented, and general-purpose cross-platform programming language. In addition, Ruby programs are extremely platform-portable. Ruby is now more commonly encountered in the form of Ruby on Rails, a framework that considerably expands its capabilities.

Kotlin: Best Language For Cross Platform Desktop Apps

Developers need not write long paras of code to execute one feature with this language. With its release in 2016, developers are using Kotlin for many purposes like Android app development, cross platform app development, desktop app development, and much more. Besides, Google also names it the preferred language for android app development. With its easy and simple code, its versatility and diversity increase. Thus, making it the best language for cross platform desktop apps. 

Further, its easy code, helps developers express and develop their ideas without writing much code. Kotlin and Java are interchangeable since they both compile to bytecode. This is why Kotlin is said to be the best cross platform programming language.

React Native

One of the best multi platform language is React Native. It is built on React, the finest JavaScript toolkit for developing user interfaces. Besides, it is intended for usage on mobile devices. React Native is an accessible framework that uses Javascript to produce the most stable and smooth-running framework for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Further, react components wrap preexisting native code and interface with native APIs via declarative UI and JavaScript. Thus, it accelerates programmers’ jobs. Moreover, it operates directly on the end system in the background and connects with the native platform via data serialized across an asynchronous and batch bridge. Hence, making it the best language for cross platform app development.

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Dart is often regarded as the most popular, open-source, and best programming language for cross platform app development. This is because it facilitates the creation of simple code snippets as well as fully-fledged apps. Also, the dart is one such language that works in all directions. Wondering, why? Well, dart may be used to create both desktop and web applications. Furthermore, it employs ‘C’ syntax and may, under certain situations, compile with JavaScript.

It is also one of the cross platform programming languages that may be used to create both client and server-side web applications. Additionally, it aids in the development of cross-platform and native apps, which is another reason for considering it the best multi platform language.

Flutter: Best Cross Platform App Development Language

Flutter includes everything, including Cupertino and Material Design, which is why it has become the best programming language for cross platform mobile development. Not only this, but it also employs Skia, an extremely efficient 2D graphics engine. Flutter is essentially Google’s UI software engineering toolkit based on the Dart programming language. The framework was initially exposed to the public in 2015 under the label “Sky.” However, the first stable version was not released until December 2018. It is now one of the top frameworks for rapidly developing cross-platform apps with a large number of ready-to-use components. The one feature which makes it the best cross platform programming language is the “Hot Reload feature”.  This feature exposes every code update for developers to immediately inspect, enabling rapid development.

Objective C

Objective-C is an object-oriented best programming language for cross platform app development that extends the C programming language with Smalltalk-style messaging. It is a critical language for Cross Platform App Development.

Apple collaborates with the language to create scalable and healthy apps. Further, it is also a smart and strong programming language that offers solutions for macOS apps and operating systems. Besides, Objective-C applications written for non-Apple operating systems or that do not rely on Apple’s APIs can be built for any platform that supports GNU GCC or LLVM/Clang.


Ionic is undoubtedly one of the greatest hybrid app frameworks since it combines desirable characteristics like as open-source, ease of maintenance, scalability, and readability. The most recent version of Ionic has been rewritten as Web Components Kit. This allows users to employ any UI framework, such as Angular or React. Besides, it offers tools and services for developing hybrid mobile, desktop, and progressive web apps leveraging contemporary technologies and web development methods such as CSS and HTML5. Thus,  Ionic-based hybrid apps include native functionality, specialized gestures, and customizable tools that improve usability. All these together make it the best language for cross platform desktop apps.


Swift is one of the best cross platform programming language created by Apple Inc. and the open-source community. It was created to replace Apple’s previous programming language Objective-C. Its capacity to interoperate with the large body of existing Objective-C code (written for Apple products) became a critical part of its creation.

Further, it ensures design soundness and delivers software fast. Therefore, it is concluded that it provides several features to produce seamless designs for applications which consequently makes it the best language for cross platform mobile apps.


Ultimately, to construct modern application architectures, developers must select a dynamic, adaptable, and the best programming language for cross platform app development. The languages mentioned above undoubtedly aid app developers in comprehending the programming ecosystem. Therefore, you can readily choose one or more from the above list, based on your requirements.

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