Games Made With Godot: Famous 3D, 2D & VR Games Of 2023 [Best Games]

Do you want to be a game developer but don’t know where to start? Here we are at your rescue. Wondering how? Well, there is a platform named Godot Engine that lets you develop your own game for free. Yes, you read it right. It’s free! But free here doesn’t mean that your games will settle in the sand like Noida’s Supertech twin towers. To back up our statement, we will make you near and dear with the top 10 popular games made with Godot Engine. After going through the list of the games, you will be able to count on the platform. 

So, let’s dive deep into it without wasting any further seconds. 

List Of Best Popular Games Made With Godot Engine

  1. Haiki
  2. Dome Romantik
  3. Romino’s Adventure
  4. Kingdoms Of The Dump
  5. Blastronaut
  6. The Garden Path
  7. Gravity Ace
  8. Rings Of Saturn
  9. TailQuest Defense
  10. Bendy Worm

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NameOpen SourceGodot VersionOSRequirements
A Game of ChangesNo?Windows 7+, Linux, Mac OS4GB Ram, 80MB HDD
Intel HD 4000
Bloom Prelude LinkNo?Windows, Mac OS, Linux<br > XONE, PS4, Switch?
Bloom: LabyrinthNo3.0Windows4GB Ram, 600MB HDD
OpenGL ES 2.0
Deep Sixed LinkNo?Windows 7+, Linux, Mac OS 10.82GB Ram, 1,2GB HDD
OpenGL ES 2.0
Drafting TalesNo?Windows, Linux2GB Ram, 200MB HDD
High HatNo?Windows, Linux, Mac?
Hive TimeNo?Windows, Linux, Mac?
Hyperspace DrifterYes (GPL)3.1Windows, Linux
Infinistate LinkNo?Windows, Linux, Mac?
Intrepid LinkYes (Public Domain)3.0 – 3.1Windows 10, Ubuntu 18, Mac OS 10.14.38GB Ram, 600MB HDD
Intel HD 620
Display 1280×720
OpenGL ES 3.0
Liblast LinkYes (AGPLv3 (code) / CC-BY-SA (assets))4.xWindows, Linux, Mac?
MeteroriteYes3.0Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Project Raspidarasilo 4Yes2.x?Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
Riven Tails: Defense LinkNo3.0 – 3.1???
Super Tux PartyYes (GPL)3.0Windows, Linux, Mac OS


NameOpen SourceGodot VersionOSRequriments
ΔV: Rings of Saturn LinkNo3.0 – 3.1Windows 7+, Linux, Mac OS1GB Ram, 512MB HDD
Intel UHD 630
OpenGL ES 3.0
Battle for Wesnoth (Haldric) LinkYes (MIT)3.1
Bullet FractalsNo3.1?Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
Cat’s MenaceNo2.x?Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
Collection QuestNo?Windows 7512MB Ram, 300MB HDD
City Game Studio LinkNo3.x?Windows Vista+, Mac OS 10.14+, Linux 4.0+2GB Ram, 512MB HDD
Display 1280×720
OpenGL ES 3.0
Dolphin Island 2Yes (MIT)2.1Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
Drone CommanderYes (GPL)2.x?Windows, Linux, Mac OS
DungeonTracks: In Charms WayNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
EndhallNo2.1?Windows 8+, Linux 3.0+, Mac OS 10.8+2GB Ram, 100MB HDD
OpenGL ES 2.0
Evodevo Enhanced EditionNo3.0?Windows, Linux?
Final StormNo2.1?Windows 7+, Ubuntu 14.04+, Mac OS 10.11+2GB Ram, 70MB HDD
Intel HD 4000, GTX 500, AMD HD 7000
OpenGL ES 2.0
Galactic Bulwark StrikeNo?Windows 7+1GB Ram, 512MB HDD
Gravity AceNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
GrimanteNo3.0?Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.111GB Ram, 100MB HDD
Nvidia 6800, Intel HD 4000
OpenGL ES 3.0
JetpacaYes (MIT)2.0? – 3.1
LeftwayNo2.x?Windows 7+, Linux, Mac OS1GB Ram, 1GB HDD
OpenGL ES 2.0
MMA Simulator LinkNo?Windows1GB Ram, 200MB HDD
Mass O’ KyztNo?Windows XP+, Ubuntu 16.04+1GB Ram, 100MB HDD
Orc ColonyNo3.0?Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
Precipice LinkNo3.1?Windows 7+, Linux2GB Ram, 300MB HDD
OpenGL ES 3.0
Primal LightNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS2GB Ram, 200MB HDD
ProtoCorgi LinkNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
Resolutiion LinkNo2.1 – 3.1Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
RingnedYes (GPL)2.x?
Satellite RepairmanNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS4GB Ram, 100MB HDD
Secret DeedNo?Windows, Mac?
Shawy AdventuresNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS2GB Ram, 100MB HDD
OpenGL ES 2.0
ShipwreckedNo3.0?Windows, Linux, Mac OS?
Slyway – Puzzle GameNo?Android 4.0.3+?
Steno ArcadeNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS256MB, 500MB HDD
StereobreakNo?Android 4.0+OpenGL ES 2.0
Tanks of FreedomYes (MIT)1.0? – 2.1Windows, Linux, Mac OS
The Ahriman ProjectNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS4GB Ram, 410MB HDD
OpenGL ES 3.0
The Garden Path LinkNo???
The Hungry Witch LinkNo?Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Android, iOS
The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy®No2.x?Windows Vista+, Mac OS 10.8+, Kernel 3.0+2GB Ram, 1GB HDD
OpenGL ES 2.0
Throne QuestNo?Windows, Android512MB RAN, 300MB HDD
Android 4.1+
TilesNo2.1Windows Vista+, Mac OS 10+, Linux256MB Ram, 60MB HDD
OpenGL ES 2.0
Turn-Based ChampionNo?Windows 7+, Ubuntu 16.04+, Mac OS 10.8+1GB Ram, 200MB HDD
OpenGL ES 2.0
Unknown HorizonsYes (GPL)3.1
WARP-TEKNo3.0?Windows 7+, Mac OS, Ubuntu 14.04+256MB Ram, 100MB HDD
OpenGL ES 3.0
Wizards of Unica LinkNo?Windows?
WyrmsunYes (GPL)3.1


NameOpen SourceGodot VersionOSRequirements
Homey Hero is an Augmented RealityLinkNo3.1?Android?

Famous Games Made With Godot Engine


The game is a cruel precision platformer where decapitation is only the beginning! Its diamond-hard platformer encourages smart play while punishing mistakes severely. The players must plunge into four worlds of color-changing, laser-dodging battle.

You may always assume control of Haiki’s severed head and embark on an epic adventure to defeat the slash-happy Baron Nohead as a player. Then, hop from one wall to the next, past chasms, over spikes, and into the unknown. You’ll need accurate leaps and quick reactions to go through the 80 hand-crafted stages that stand between Haiki and triumph. The game is available for Linux, Windows, and Steam. With all the features stated above, it managed to come under the list of best games made with Godot Engine. 

Dome Romantik

Dome Romantik is another popular game made with Godot engine. In this gameplay, you play as a little fella having a beautiful time in his own dome. You mine for resources to upgrade your dome. Some spooky creatures come in between, disturbing you by banging on your dome. From time to time, they come and bang. But there is a question when they bang, whether they are at your dome to have a cup of tea with you are they want to eat you. There is no need to get an answer to this. Just laser them. And then go back to mining to find upgrades to boost your defenses, speed, carrying capacities, etc. Further, to put your hand on this game, you can play the demo for free and start mining this planet of deathly creatures. 

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Romino’s Adventure

Seeing this game on this list? You may have made the right guess. It is yet another one of the famous games made with Godot. This game offers you a platform with puzzle adventure. As you might expect, the game’s gameplay relies on solving problems and changing to go to the next challenge step. The game allows players to maneuver their way around tetrominoes. To claim your genuine portion of the cake, gamers must go through 8 separate realms and 43 levels.

The game is a paid game. Thus players must pay $11.99 to begin playing. Players interested in playing the game may do so on a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Kingdoms Of The Dump

Roach Games is working on Kingdoms of the Dump, an upcoming indie role-playing video game. The game is heavily inspired by classic 16-bit JRPGs, which include EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI. The game’s development was first funded solely out of pocket, with the creators working full-time as guardians. This inspired the game’s theme of waste.

It is a role-playing game with adventure elements. The player controls one character on the field but may swap between a total of 6 characters at any time. Every character has a distinct skill that the player can employ to explore the area, solve puzzles, and progress.

Following the July 2019 campaign success, they are now aiming for an October 2022 publication date. The game is set to be unleashed on macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux via Steam or as a DRM-free download. Thus, this game can also come under the list of steam games made with Godot along with popular games made with Godot Engine. 


“BLASTRONAUT is a dynamic game.” At this point of development, the game is fully playable. Further, it is a mining game set in a procedurally generated extraterrestrial environment. Investigate, extract, and profit. The infinite world is teeming with caverns and riches. The player may harvest and sell materials to rebuild the base. Action, Adventure, RPG, Indie, and Early Access are the genres that this game includes. The creator and publisher of this game are Perfoon. Also, if you want to put your hands on this popular game made with Godot engine, you can try its free demo. 

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The Garden Path

This Adventure, Indie, and Simulation genre-based game is another one of the famous games made with Godot. You find yourself in a new wilderness, far from your previous life – a life formerly lived in these dark forests, waiting to be rediscovered.

This popular Godot engine game comes with a slice-of-life sim about gardening and the minor joys. A delightful and bittersweet journey awaits when traveling The Garden Path, whether you’re fishing, trading, farming, or simply hanging out with new acquaintances.

Time here moves in sync with the outside world, and the changing seasons announce fresh encounters and a new narrative to tell. Above all, The Garden Path is a life simulation that honors the contemplative and the quiet, a secluded haven to mold and expands as you want. 

Gravity Ace

Gravity Ace is a two-dimensional, multi-directional gravity shooter. It’s a love letter to Thrust and Gravitar, as well as all the incredible games they inspired. Descend through subterranean dungeons, fly and blast your way past opponents, grab the reactor core, and flee the fatal grips of crushing gravity. 

Do you own what it takes to be a pilot? Then try your hands on this popular game made with Godot engine. You are the Pilot, a United Earth Navy volunteer assigned to the U.E.N. Hornet, a new ship equipped with an experimental engine that allows it to warp behind enemy lines. Further, after launching your little fighter craft from the Hornet, your job is to sabotage the enemy by invading their bases and destroying their power supply network, which is made up of reactor cores connected by hyperspace. There are many foes that are out to get you. So, fly through deadly enemy strongholds and severe gravity fields to battle and maneuver. The main game features a single-player campaign with 24 missions and a level editor for designing your own settings. With all this fast-paced action, imagine how exciting this gameplay will be. 

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Rings Of Saturn

The game is a high-tech sci-fi adventure. Its gameplay transports players to the year 2273, when the unexpected discovery of lucrative minerals within Saturn’s rings has created a thriving space excavation business.

The gamers will pilot an asteroid mining ship in the hopes of striking it rich on the bands. However, the players will quickly understand the difficulties in the mining operation. Sounds interesting? Well, this is why it managed to hold the position in the popular games made with Godot Engine list. 

TailQuest Defense 

This game is not only a famous game made with Godot but also one of the 3D games made with Godot. TailQuest Defense is a one-of-a-kind tower defense and puzzle platformer. Assist in defending a vibrant world from an invasion of colorful robots!

Further, it is an action-packed puzzle quest game in which you play as Nell, who is trying to protect his realm from an invasion of Nands. Nands are the robots snatching fluffy residents of the Riventail – a split world floating in the sky. Therefore, stop attackers by strategically constructing turrets throughout beautiful landscapes. Also, collect hidden riches, make use of the surroundings, and, most essential, save Nell’s fluffy pals! 

Bendy Worm 

Bendy Worm is known as gameplay with a twist. It is one of the best games made with Godot Engine. Players may access and play this game on Windows and Linux right away.

The game is well-known for its bizarre gameplay. Players will feel the engine game world swirl around them while playing. Why? Because you’re inside a massive worm, and worms can bend. Also, it is a free game. Therefore, prospective players need not make an initial investment to begin playing. 

These are just a handful of popular games made with Godot engine so far, but there are plenty more accessible for you to explore. 

Some More Popular Games Made With Godot Engine 

  • Resolutiion
  • Until Then
  • Pocket Volleyball
  • Precipice
  • Ghost Camp
  • Carol Reed Mysteries
  • Commander Keen in Keen Dreams
  • Cruelty Squad
  • Deponia
  • Hardcoded
  • The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy
  • Sonic Colors: Ultimate
  • Project Kat
  • Circle of Kerzoven
  • Seedlings

What are you waiting for? Go and put your hands on these famous games made with Godot.

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