Best 999+ Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas For Stories & Posts 2024

These days, Instagram is the most popular social media network. We all take a lot of time to go through its feeds. These days, many users submit “ask me anything” questions to their Instagram stories to connect with their followers and close the communication gap. With the help of these “ask me a question Instagram ideas,” all of their followers can ask enjoyable and engaging questions to start a discussion.

So, are you looking for creativity “Ask me about Instagram ideas for friends” or your next Instagram story? Then, this is the only post you need to read. We’ve covered various Instagram story post questions for users of all stripes.

What Should I Post on Instagram? Ask Me Something

To begin, let us ask some general questions. Should we?

Preferences and Favourites:

  • Which movie is your all-time favourite?
  • Where would you go right now if you could go anywhere?
  • Which would you like more: sweet or savoury?
  • What food makes you feel better?

Objectives and Desires:

  • Which one of your goals are you presently pursuing?
  • What would you like to accomplish in the upcoming year, if anything?
  • Which skill would you most like to acquire in the future?

That or This:

  • Tea or coffee?
  • Movies or books?
  • A trip to the beach or the mountains?

Opinions and Insights:

  • What’s your top productivity tip?
  • What would be your one piece of advice to your younger self?
  • What is a topic or issue that you are passionate about?

Relationships & Friends:

  • What’s the best dating advice you’ve received?
  • Share a great moment with a close friend.

Best Questions to Ask On Instagram Story About Me

When you want to talk to your Instagram fans, one of the best things you can do is post something funny or challenging. However, you might run out of original ideas, such as “Ask me a question” Instagram ideas for crush. So, to help you out, we made this list.

There are more than 200 questions for the most popular current niches that you can ask on Instagram Story below.

Ask Me Something How to Use Instagram for Your Business

You can get people to interact with your business Instagram account by asking them these questions:

  1. What issue does your company address?
  2. How do you make money with your business?
  3. What are the unprofitable aspects of your company?
  4. How long do you keep customers?
  5. Will your clients recommend you to others?
  6. Which clients are the most valuable to you?
  7. What is your ten-year objective?
  8. What would you do if you weren’t in control of your company?

Ask Me A Question Instagram Ideas for Music Accounts

Ideal question for an Instagram story on your music account: 

  1. How frequently do you like music?
  2. Which musical genres are your favourites?
  3. Do you have a good voice?
  4. Do you like to dance?
  5. Are you a karaoke fan?
  6. Are musicals your thing?
  7. Do you know how to play an instrument?
  8. Which music video is your favourite?
  9. Which song is your favourite?
  10. Do visuals make you enjoy the song more?
  11. What CD did you most recently purchase?
  12. Do you have music playing while you work?
  13. Do you have any concert experience?
  14. Which composer is your favourite?
  15. Who would you be if you could play a musical instrument?
  16. Do you have drumming skills?

Ask Me A Question Instagram Ideas For Boy

Most girls may find it challenging to start an exciting conversation with boys. Here are some amusing questions to ask someone on their Instagram story: 

  1. Which of your practical jokes has been the most successful?
  2. Which of your poor choices was the best? 
  3. Do you find your job fulfilling? Why, or why not?
  4. Within your professional network, who do you most admire?
  5. Which mentor has had the most significant impact on your career thus far?
  6. Which famous person would be the worst person to lead a nation?
  7. What is the most unusual yet enjoyable thing you have ever done?
  8. Do you believe that your career and your passion can coexist?
  9. Which business advice has been the most wise that you have ever received?
  10. What childish thing do you still enjoy?
  11. What would you not do for 5 million dollars?
  12. What long shot have you taken that paid off?
  13. What did you think was silly, but you still tried it?
  14. What’s the worst and best thing about being male? 
  15. What was the weirdest habit you had as a child?

Ask Me A Question Instagram Inspiration for Photography Accounts

Below are some great inquiries to put in your Instagram story if you’re a photographer or you run a photography account: 

  1. Which of your photos is your best?
  2. How many pictures do you take annually?
  3. Do you use colour or monochrome photography?
  4. How can one become an excellent photographer?
  5. In Photoshop, how would you correct a soft image?
  6. What is a filter for polarizers?
  7. What’s inside the camera bag you own?
  8. When might one employ a macro lens?
  9. As a photographer, what challenges do you face?
  10. What motivates your photography?
  11. What makes you shoot pictures?
  12. Do you have good photo skills?
  13. What tools do you employ?
  14. What is your preferred lens?
  15. Which equipment is your favourite?
  16. Which settings are your favourites?
  17. How do you go about working?
  18. Which pictures are your favourites?
  19. Which artist has had the biggest impact on you?
  20. Which photographer is your favourite?

Ask Me A Question Instagram Ideas For Girl 

Coming up with questions to ask a girl can be hard when you want to start a talk with someone you could see yourself dating.

Some people believe that asking provocative questions to a girl would maintain the conversation romantic and edgy. Still, others may choose funny questions to ask a girl since they will find them entertaining. We’ve produced a list of the finest questions to ask a girl to help you come up with ideas for your first or fiftieth date.

  1. Which season is your favourite?
  2. In which location do you feel most like yourself?
  3. What is an essential thing in your life?
  4. Which individual is the smartest you have ever met?
  5. Which do you prefer: word searches or crosswords?
  6. Are there any siblings you have?
  7. With your family, who are you closest to? Why?
  8. Are there any monikers in your family for you?
  9. Do you and your cousins get along well?
  10. Which strange custom in your family do you know about?
  11. Would you do it if you had to breach the law to save a family member?
  12. Which family holiday is the most memorable for you?
  13. With your family, are you close?
  14. Which dish did you like best as a child?
  15.  What did you think you would be as an adult growing up?
  16. What’s your dream job?
  17. Are you friends with your co-workers?
  18. What is your favourite part of your job?

Put Your Question to Me Instagram Post Ideas for Travel

Here are some excellent Instagram Story questions to think about asking if your account is travel-themed:

  1. Which city is your favourite?
  2. How many countries have you visited?
  3. Which music is your favourite while travelling?
  4. Mountains or beaches?
  5. Has a trip made you fall in love?
  6. Do you have any safari experience?
  7. Tell me about your ideal vacation.
  8. What is the item you value most when travelling?
  9. Have you ever taken a first-class flight?
  10. What was the last cruise you took?
  11. Are you terrified of travelling abroad alone?
  12. Do you enjoy travelling with children?
  13. Active or relaxed vacations?
  14. What are some of the benefits of travel?
  15. Have you ever travelled with your school?

Ask Me Question Fashion Post Ideas for Instagram

Influencers in fashion and lifestyle might greatly benefit from inquiries. To encourage more conversation with your followers on your fashion Instagram account, think about posing the following queries:

  1. For an elegant dinner, what would you wear?
  2. Do you like clothing with a name brand?
  3. What kind of jewellery do guys carry or wear?
  4. What kinds of clothes are people no longer wearing?
  5. What clothes are reserved for children?
  6. Is wearing a school uniform required in your nation? 
  7. If you met royalty, what would you wear?
  8. Would you attend a party wearing a fancy dress?
  9. What would you wear for a disco? 
  10. What attire would you not bring to a wedding?
  11. Which item of clothing is your favourite?
  12. Which colour do you like to wear?

The Bottom Line

People often use “Ask Me Anything” (AMAs) to connect with and talk to their friends on social media. These different ways to say “Ask me a question” on Instagram are excellent approaches to breaking the ice, creating relationships, and initiating conversations that can lead to deeper connections.

Ask Me Anything Questions (AMAQs) are another great way to engage audience members and enhance the impact of your presentations. You can encourage opinion and participation from your audience in real time by posing questions through polls, quizzes, and live Q&A. This adds interest to your presentation and allows you to ask for helpful feedback and ideas from the audience.

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