Top 10 App Like Winzo | Winzo lternative

Gaming has significantly improved and enhanced with the help of technology, and the ability of phones to offer better graphics. Now, people can play all sorts of games with apps that offer a large variety. Apps like Winzo Gold are one example – where you get to play multiple games, while also earning money. 

The idea behind the Winzo app is to convert rewards and points into actual cash, so gaming gets more interesting. However, there are a number of other Winzo alternatives in the market that offer more features. The only thing is that they should be trustworthy, and there should be proper payment gateways to withdraw and transfer money. 

If you’re looking for such apps, then we’ve got you covered with this list!

List Of Winzo Like Apps

  • Zupee
  • Gamezy
  • PokerBaazi
  • First Games
  • Dream 11
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Mobile Premier League
  • Big Cash
  • Aio Games
  • GetMega

Detailed Description of Winzo Alternative

1. Zupee

Zupee is an app like Winzo which aims to help gamers earn real cash. It’s the perfect platform if you’re looking to earn money while also having fun. The games available on the platform include everything from Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo to Snakes and Ladders Plus, Carrom Ninja, and Trump’s Card.

The earnings and points are easily redeemable on UPI apps which is a great plus. Zupee is one of the largest gaming companies to exist, which also makes it easily trustable. Finally, the app is robust and user-friendly, which offers a great experience. 

2. Gamezy

As the name suggests, Gamezy is a platform that makes earning through playing games very easy. This is another one of the Winzo like apps where you can play games and earn on a daily basis. You can try fantasy games, cricket, runny and a lot more. 

Gamezy also permits its users to earn through references, which means that when a friend installs the app through your unique link, you get an instant cash bonus into your account. Also, players can take part in challenges and play games like ludo, carrom, snakes and stepping stools, 8-ball pool, and a number of others to make money rewards. 

3. PokerBaazi

Like the name, PokerBaazi is a platform to play and enjoy poker, while actually dabbling with real money. It hosts games and tournaments for users which makes it all the more enticing. The user experience is such that it provides a fun experience for its players who can participate in the games.

There’s a clear brand value that makes the app trustworthy – this trust factor is important when you’re literally playing for money. The best part is that there are multiple poker games on this Winzo alternative, so playing never gets monotonous. 

4. First Games

First Games is a Paytm initiative which is also an earning app like Winzo. It is now becoming a premier destination for money games such as fantasy sports and rummy. There is a wide variety of games available on the app which makes it fun. Plus there are also daily tournaments, leaderboard challenges, and rewards. 

The money can be withdrawn in Paytm or other UPI apps. The literal idea behind the app is to convert gaming skills into real cash, which is a great thought. A number of fantasy games are also available – including cricket, football and more so that users can explore a variety of games on the app.

5. Dream11

This gaming app like Winzo is meant mainly for fantasy games. It allows users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball. They can create a virtual team of real-life players and earn points based on how those players perform in real-life matches. Also, the user with the most points at the end of a game or series wins the competition. 

People have claimed to have won crores using the gaming platform. You can even earn points after inviting friends, and then redeem the points into real money. Playing the game is as simple as it is to install it.

6. 8 Ball Pool

The pool game has been created by Miniclip, and is a very interesting take of the physical game. The game’s goal is to pot each of the 15 balls, including the dark 8 ball, into the pockets. Players can contend with friends or other players, and there are various competitions, matches, and challenges to take part in.

This is also a money earning app like Winzo which is available on both Play Store and Apple Store. There is new content and updates to the game almost every week, which makes the entire thing all the more interesting. So, if you’re someone who enjoys the pool, this is it.

7. Mobile Premier League 

Mobile Premier League or MPL is an online platform which offers a number of esports options. It is accessible both through app and a website. where users can get paid for recommending their friends and relatives to the website. When it comes to games, there’s a wide selection including card games, racing, fantasy sports, and more. 

This is one of the similar apps to Winzo, whose main purpose is to earn money and rewards. On top of that, MPL offers special benefits and discounts to its users with the help of its collaborative initiative with other platforms. Finally, the payments are possible using UPI, bank transfer and Amazon Pay.

8. Big Cash

Big Cash is also a gaming app like Winzo where you can redeem rewards in the form of money. The good part about this app is that it also offers free options to play if you want to just use it for fun. There are also three different ways to transfer money, using UPI, Paytm and bank transfer.

Big Cash comes with a good variety of options when it comes to the games – casual games, fantasy and rummy. So, you can explore what you’re best at and earn a good amount. According to the app, people have been able to redeem as much INR 2 lakhs by inviting friends who use referrals to play games. These features make it a great alternative to Winzo.

9. Aio Games

This platform offers games like Winzo, and also comes with a great deal of features. Aio Games is also considered the ultimate gaming platform, given its credibility and interactive gaming experience. You can play fantasy games, board games and cards, among other gaming options. 

Other than playing these games and making an earning, players can also participate in daily tournaments and weekly leaderboards to gain some additional cash from the platform. When the points are converted into cash, people can withdraw them into their linked bank account through UPI.

10. GetMega

Last but not the least, GetMega also comes with exciting features other than Winzo like games. The All India Gaming Federation certified the app, making it a huge plus. This also makes dealing with money much more relaxing because there’s a guarantee of trust.

Players can also ask their friends to download the application and get compensated in the form of money rewards. And these rewards can then be used to enter matches that are big and in-turn earn a lot. There’s also a Welcome bonus on the website at the moment, which can be applied using a coupon, so gamers can sign up now.


Entertainment is something that has been sorted with the help of ever-increasing options on Android and Apple phones. With better graphics, more memory and functioning, phones can now use apps to play proper big league games. Like the Winzo games have features that offer a good experience with real money in the form of rewards. There are also a number of other Winzo related apps or Winzo like apps which provide gaming with real money. So, you can easily bring in some extra cash and have fun while playing around using these applications! Have a happy playing!

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