101 Blockchains vs Blockchain Council – Review & Certification

101 blockchains vs blockchain council is a trending topic in technology and development. It is quite a necessary topic to discuss as it has the two most important components of web3 development technology and the internet. Therefore, in the following discussion, we will cover the blockchain training alliance reviews, reviews about best blockchain certification, and the comparison of 101 blockchains vs blockchain council. So, let us run our discussion, which we have obtained through the different sources and information primarily available on the internet.  

101 Blockchains vs Blockchain Council 

Both 101 blockchains and blockchain council are courses available on the online platform that help the developers attain the necessary information about blockchain development and its fundamental aspects. But, the main point of difference that lies between the two is their pricing. On the one hand, the Blockchain Council charges from $129 to $300, and at the same time, the 101 Blockchain charges only $29. But at the same time, the Blockchain Council offers better and more functional courses than 101 Blockchains. So, choosing the course depends entirely on what suits your skills, requirements and needs the best. 

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Blockchain Council Review

Blockchain council is a well-known online course that ranges from 6 hours to as long as three months. The price range for this course is from $129 to $300. It includes all twelve courses, and the blockchain council offers all its classes on the online platform. One of the most prevalent qualifications is a Blockchain Certification, Certified Blockchain Expert and Blockchain Certified Expert. The median time for this course is about a week. It is quite an effective course that includes flexible class hours, highly trained and proficient teachers, affordable costs and assistive career services. It has received positive reviews from loads of users and is, thus, one of the most reputed courses available.

Is The Blockchain Council Recognized?

The question that you might often hear or ask is- is blockchain council recognized? Well, yes, the Blockchain Council is legal and a recognized online course that helps you attain all the knowledge you need to be a successful blockchain developer. Here, the users must choose their course cleverly that would ideally suit their level of understanding, requirements and skills. 

101 Blockchains Review 

Let us now look into our blockchain training alliance reviews. 101 Blockchain is a highly reliable and professional-level blockchain research and training provider. 101 Blockchains aim to trim the industry’s leading professionals so they can successfully become global blockchain experts. And as they become so, they will be able to provide practical, updated knowledge and up-skill advice.

Is Blockchain Certification Worth It?

Is blockchain certification worth it? Yes, absolutely! Blockchain skills are now highly in demand; thus, developers with certificates have high value in this industry. It helps them receive relatively higher salaries and many other benefits for having such certification. The certification is a sign or implication that the person has gained a certain level and amount of skill and knowledge about the field, which enhances their value as a developer. 

101 Blockchains Certification and Courses

  1. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)
  2. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect ( CEBA )
  3. Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE)
  4. Certified Metaverse Professional ( CMP)
  5. Certified NFT Professional ( CNFTP )

Blockchain Council Certification and Courses

  1. Certified Web3 Community
  2. Certified Metaverse Developer
  3. Certified DAO Expert
  4. Certified Web3 Game Developer
  5. Certified Web3 Expert

Top Blockchain Developer Certifications and Courses

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional 

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional is a comprehensive online course on 101 Blockchains and a blockchain training program that assists in becoming an enterprise-level blockchain professional. It has the first position in our blockchain council certification review because it is a highly effective certification. 

It includes a 4-week long program with three or four sessions every week. And it involves imparting knowledge about in-depth blockchain learning with proof of work. And therefore, it enables one to become a certified blockchain developer. In this certification, you get to understand the fundamental concepts of the blockchain system and its ecosystem. You also learn how to approach blockchain implementation and many more crucial functional ideas.

  • Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain is a hands-on coyote for learning about blockchain from Udemy. It is also a comprehensive learning course that helps you know how to use blockchain and understand the underlying theories for cryptocurrency transactions. 

The theoretical lessons of this course include the functioning of the blockchain, its fundamentals and environmental development. The environmental development aspect indicates the topics of installation of the environment on the machine to create smart contracts, build its designs and develop a decentralized app. 

The course helps you learn about the technical aspects of blockchain, and it helps in developing smart contracts and blockchain and creating cryptocurrency. 

  •  Learning Blockchain Development with EOS and C++

People who are C++ developers will find Learning Blockchain Development with EOS and C++ perfect for them. It helps them create a robust blockchain technology design and also assists them in deploying smart contracts. Apart from these aspects, the course also helps them learn about the decentralized app ecosystem. 

The users here start with a refresher of the fundamental associates of the C++ programming language. And they do so with the use of different libraries in their code. Therefore, this helps them build blockchain Ethereum technology, decentralized apps and many more such components.

  • Blockchain — Principles and Practices [Pluralsight Course]

 Blockchain — Principles and Practices is one of the best Pluralsight Courses available that helps learn about blockchain. The developers with a profound understanding and knowledge of the C# programing language are looking forward to building blockchain technology. The Blockchain — Principles and Practices [Pluralsight Course] is their best option. 

It helps them learn and understand the functional cryptography in the blockchain. It also helps them understand the addition of multiple translations into a single block. Lastly, it allows them to link the blocks together to form a blockchain.

  • Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Udemy courses are compelling and exciting to undertake. And when you are a fan of the Udemy courses, the Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide will surely appeal to you and prove effective. The course is designed for programmers with a clear, in-depth understanding of npm and JavaScript. 

The course will help you discover and explore the process of creating a code in a step-wise manner. You will also have detailed exposure to every part of the syntax, guaranteeing a complete understanding of what you are doing. 

  •  Become a Blockchain Developer 

“Become a Blockchain Developer” is another excellent course that helps educate yourself about blockchain. The distinguishable feature of this course is that it is based on text from Educative. Educative is an online learning platform that enables users to run code in the browser, and as a result, it helps in learning most effectively throughout. 

The course helps users build blockchain concepts from scratch. The course initiates with the fundamental cryptography contracts. It includes hash functions, building a solid base for understanding blockchain, and PKI encryption; therefore, it helps users appreciate its value. 

  • Blockchain Technology on edX

 Blockchain Technology on edX is an incredible online course that helps you learn blockchain and become a successful blockchain developer. BerkeleyX offers this course and is also a part of professional certification. The course provides an extensive overview of numerous topics related to the buildup of Bitcoin’s fundamental aspects and the blockchain ecosystem. 

The course is free of cost and ideal when you want to learn effectively about blockchain. However, you need to pay for the certificates; otherwise, the course is free. 

  • Advance Your Skills in the Blockchain

It might surprise you, but Linkedin Learning contains some of the most incredible courses for learning blockchain. And Advance Your Skills in the blockchain is one of the best courses on Linkedin Learning. The platform is highly interactive and ideal for users to learn about Python, javascript and java. It requires no set-up process, and the users just have to log in and follow the instructions from the instructor and deploy the code in the border. With that, they need to practice online. 

  • Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide by ZTM Academy

When you are a keen blockchain developer looking forward to learning about Solidarity, Blockchain essentials and Ethereum, “Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide by ZTM Academy” is the best course available for you. It is also ideal for people willing to develop Smart Contracts and beginners in this journey.

The course is the creation of a blockchain developer and trainer for ZTM Academy, who has ten years of excellence in this field. Therefore, the course is highly effective and functional in offering you all the necessary knowledge about blockchain technology and its fundamental aspects. 

Final Words

Obtaining a certificate that helps you learn about the functionality and the fundamental essentials of blockchain is reasonably necessary when you are or want to become a blockchain developer. And therefore, we have the above discussion that can readily assist you throughout the journey. And you can also readily choose one among the different certificates we have offered that will help you learn about the various aspects of blockchain development and attain a much necessary certification.

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